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At Lakeside you will have the privacy and lifestyle you deserve in an off campus student community that is built specifically with you, the college student, in mind.
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People talk about furnished apartments, american campus, private bedrooms, riverbend rd and individual leases
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Nellie B
reviewed a week ago
If you don't expect much then this is the place for you. We had a leak in this apartment that seeped through to the floor beneath us. Apparently the people below were complaining that the roof was caving in. We had no idea because it was water was leaking from a locked "closet" sort of door that had what I think was the water heater in it. In the 4 months I've lived here we've only had 1 water bill overage and it corresponded with the time period of the leak. I suspect that they charged us for it. I have a friend who lives (two children and two adults) in a 2500sq ft house and his bill is like 50 dollars. This is an apartment and the bill was 106 dollars. There is also lots of cockroaches! I also had carpet bug and tons of silverfish. Management and staff are incompetent. After an upgrade (laminate wood flooring) the independent contractors hired for the job left a mess outside of the front door. When I asked the office to clean it up they said it was the contractors job. I must have called them 5 times in a 2 week period. My roommates called too. Eventually, I walked to the office and they had to pick up the mess themselves because the contractors never came a picked it up. Recently they moved a 40 year old woman into my apartment. I thought this was college friendly. Pros? Well it's dirt cheap, a 10min ride from school, so far it's been safe, and mostly quiet if you don't have a unit facing the pool (I did). Moral: You get what you pay for.
• • •
Ashley Brantley
reviewed a month ago
If you don't mind living with the roaches then by all means....this is the place for you. The rooms are smaller but at least the bugs are bigger. Yes, they're renovating but the renovations are cheap. Also I personally know of 3 people who have been placed with roommates that don't match their criteria and have had to be switched in the middle of the year. I feel bad for them but I'm not surprised. I gave Lakeside one star for the management because they are decent people but this place is just so terrible. The apartments are going downhill because of the price and should no longer be considered a "college" friendly area. There are suspicious people creeping around at all times of the night. Parents don't let your kids move here. Pay an extra 40 or 50 bucks and find a better place in Athens.
• • •
Myr Il
reviewed a month ago
This place sucks! They should seriously consider closing this community. The "management" and staff aren't that friendly and it seems like most of them don't know what they doing. The apartment itself, yes it's cheap but you get what you pay for. Meaning, it's a very old and dirty apartment community. Not well maintained. There's all sorts of bugs and it just looks shitty. I'm glad I'm moving out of here, it's horrible! Rather spend a little extra on another complex than staying here. Not worth your time or money, you'll just get a headache dealing with them!
• • •
Goo Bee
reviewed a week ago
This is not a good place to live. Yes, the price is cheaper than most places in Athens. However, the roommate selection was terrible. I lived here for an entire school year. The ROOMMATE matching is terrible!!! I was placed with a women who was not a college student at all !!! The management took forever too send me a lease agreement. I also got the run around because some of the employees do not know what they are doing in the leasing office. They bus route is the only positive reason to live here. The kitchen is too small and cockroaches are constantly in the apartments.
• • •
Sarah P
reviewed a week ago
HORRIBLE. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SIGN A LEASE ELSEWHERE. This is NOT a college friendly community. Two elder women (in their 40s) were assigned to the vacant rooms in my apartment. Parents, would you want your teenage son/ daughter to be living with people twice their age? I have no idea why they weren't assigned to live with other adults. Also they are smokers. I am not. So now they pair smokers and non-smokers together. Their roommate search is TERRIBLE. I have had to avoid using a certain side of stairs to get to my apartment because of broken pieces of glass (every single weekend). My neighbors have put their trash outside my apartment, three times. And there's countless empty bottles, cans, used condoms, and other items. Not to mention the bugs. I lived on the third floor and I still have cockroaches, though I keep my place neat and tidy. I have no idea how they get there and I'm for one not a person to go and kill cockroaches left and right. I'm not sure what pesticide they're using or if they're even using any at all, but I feel like it's bringing more in. I was first put in an apartment where there were pets. I'm highly allergic to pets and noted that on my roommate sheet. How could they ignore something as big as that? And then, when my roommate subleased her room for the summer, a male moved in. So now they put males and females together? Parents, would you be okay with that? I don't even feel safe going to my car in the evening.. not even at night. When it gets dark around 8/9PM, I get scared to walk out of my apartment.. Not knowing whether there's creeps or violent drunkards outside my complex. I have been through countless situations with Lakeside and have had to call the corporate office to have my concerns heard. I don't know who's running the management here but they are beyond unfriendly and unprofessional. They don't consider the needs of their residents whatsoever. I cannot even begin to say how much I regret my decision to live here. Sure, the rates are cheaper than most places in Athens, but I recommend you spend a little more out of your pocket and find a place that is actually SAFE to live at. I wouldn't even spend a penny out of my pocket to live here again.
• • •
avery withrow's profile photo
avery withrow
reviewed in the last week
I wouldn't wish living here on my worst enemy. Run far away my friends