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Yaz Class Action
We are an independent settlement office that handles personal injuries for Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, and Ocella.
We are an independent settlement office that handles personal injuries for Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, and Ocella.


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File Your Yaz Lawsuit Today has been published on Yaz Lawsuit Specialists

Start Your Yaz Lawsuit By Contacting Us Now
Filing a Yaz lawsuit is the first and most crucial step towards restructuring your health. Yaz, a product of Bayer Pharmaceutical Company, has turned out to be a killer pill. Its release in 2006 was marked by flowery advertisements that failed to highlight the drug’s dangerous side effects; Bayer painted their product in such adorning colors that the targeted female clientele fell for this new generation birth control pill oblivious of the dangers it posed to their general health. Filing a Yaz lawsuit places the claimant at an advantage; that of receiving a Yaz settlement and initiating a repulsive correlation with Bayer. A consumer’s trust should always be upheld; our experienced litigators treat our diversified clientele with the utmost respect, making all possible efforts to meet their expectations. Even though Bayer thought that they would be the victors in this battle, our legal system is just and promptly punishes such inhumane acts.
Why file a Yaz lawsuit?
Undoubtedly, this question is posed by many of the affected Yaz consumers. The grounds for filing a Yaz lawsuit are clear; wouldn’t you appreciate a helping hand in offsetting your magnanimous medical bill? If so, you have the power to legally compel the offender to cover all the costs you have incurred from medical expenses. A well versed Yaz attorney can guide you through the process of filing against Bayer; through a workable case structure, the attorney will fight the good fight to earn reimbursement from your defaulter.

When filing a Yaz Lawsuit, highlighting the outcome of the serious Yaz side effects that occurred has been known to continually yield the desired results; the courts are left in awe of the atrocities committed by Bayer and do not hesitate to rule in the claimant’s favor.
Commonly Featured Serious Yaz Side Effects
The seriousness of this crop of Yaz misnomers demands immediate attention since the victim’s life is in jeopardy; even prior to the outcome of the Yaz lawsuit, claimants are advised to notify their physicians about their existing conditions and start receiving treatment immediately.
Blood Clots
Blood Clots are the culprit of many serious life threatening conditions. The Drospirenone chemical constituent of Yaz has been clinically analyzed and the results are of a worrying stature; Drospirenone induces the formation of massive blood clots in the deep veins know as Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ).
Filing a Yaz lawsuit on the basis of a stroke is a particularly viable reimbursing argument. A blood clot in the brain impedes blood flow to this organ and causes partial and sometimes permanent paralysis.
Pulmonary embolism
In this scenario, the pulmonary arteries located in the lungs get clogged up with blood clots; this rapidly reduces the amount of oxygen uptake. Cells and tissues suffer under the minimized supply of their livelihood and consequently die off.
Heart attack
Heart complications arise from the presence of a blood clot in the heart. The affected individual experiences an abnormal heart rhythm as well as pressure in the chest.
Gallbladder disease
Due to the consumption of Yaz, the cholesterol levels in this organ are heightened; this coupled with decreased internal movement damages the gallbladder and might even necessitate its expulsion from the system.
Contact Us Today About a Yaz Lawsuit
In such an eventuation, you will need a Yaz settlement to cover surgery expenses, and what better way to acquire it than through a Yaz lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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Heart Attack From Yaz has been published on Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

Getting a Heart Attack From Yaz
A heart attack is a condition which can easily lead to death. Those who have the condition or have encountered people suffering from it know just how delicate the condition is. Yaz, the much talked about birth control pill, has been directly associated with elevating heart attack occurrences. A heart attack from Yaz is as devastating as can get, it might not sound out of the norm but wait till the statistics roll in; an estimated 10,000 lawsuits have been filed with regards to the consumption of Yaz. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company ought to shoulder all the blame for not warning their clientele adequately; they saw it better to make the financial kill first, a situation which ended up killing some of the consumers after they succumbed to heart attack. The lives already lost cannot be brought back but we have a civil duty to prevent the recurrence of such.
Symptoms of an impending heart attack from Yaz
The human heart is constituted of muscles; muscles which are damageable. The prolonged consumption of Yaz eventually ends up in this sorry state. Numerous researches have consistently pointed towards certain symptoms which pre-occur before a heart attack. Yaz consumers should thence acquaint themselves with the said symptoms.
A sharp pain within your chest should be the first indication. This pain lasts for several minutes and might later spread to the back, shoulders, neck and the mouth. More often than not, the victim of an impending heart attack from Yaz will vomit due to a persistent nausea. A heart attack is also associated with the shortness of breath, light headed as well as intense pressure in the chest region. These are just the common side effects and they should be accorded the strictness they deserve. Upon the slightest hint of the discussed symptom, promptly contact your doctor and arrange a meeting. The occurrence of a heart attack from the use of Yaz is listed among the most serious side effects resulting from this dangerous drug.
How does Yaz lead to a possible heart attack?
Unlike any of its predecessors, Yaz acutely raises the potassium levels in the human blood. By doing this, it heightens the risk of causing a heart attack to the Yaz consumer. Bayer downplayed the importance of including this vital piece of information in their fiery advertisements and drug mini-brochures. Drospirenone (synthetic progesterone) is a chemical compound found in Yaz; it solely raises the potassium levels in the blood.
As one would assume, the continuous use of Yaz will only lead to an accumulation of potassium. The severity of this condition eventuates in hyperkalemia; this is the last and most devastating stroke, few people have lived to talk about it. Hyperkalemia precipitates a cardiac arrest and later on death, these conditions occur successively and leave little chance to life. Some heart attacks that have resulted from Yaz have ended in fatality. It is a delicate condition which has to be properly handled to avoid the loss of life.

We are determined to ensure that you get legal redress if you have been a victim of a heart attack from your consumption of Yaz. Kindly fill out our form and have your Yaz lawsuit case quickly reviewed.

By: Britt Rader
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Blood Clots From Yaz has been published on Yaz Class Action Lawsuit
Blood Clots From Yaz
The blood is the single most important fluid in the human body; it is responsible for transporting oxygen through-out the body as well as distributing food nutrients. It also happens to shelve the most serious of Yaz side effects, blood clots from Yaz are the most dreaded of negative implications that come with the consumption of Yaz.The slightest alteration in the blood's constitution and general properties ends up in regrettable conditions, one of them being the formation of notorious blood clots.

Yaz has been directly linked to the formation of blood clots in Yaz consumers; this has lead to the filing of numerous suits under this pretence, suits which have been very successful if I may. If you have nursed blood clot related injuries as a consequence of consuming Yaz, you already have a viable argument in a court of law and you shouldn't have a hard time as such in bagging a substantial compensatory sum.
Conditions associated with blood clots from Yaz
I would like you to view the formation of a blood clot as an ingredient in a harmful recipe; depending on the body functionalities, this ingredient will result in different case scenarios. Some victims are lucky to just suffer a given side effect but the possibility of numerous side effects affecting an individual cannot be ruled out. The below discussed side effects have a proven correlation with blood clots that result from the consumption of Yaz;

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - The deep veins located in the victim's legs, arms or even pelvis experience the formation of blood clots. As is the norm with blood clots, blood flow is restricted; in fact, there is a stagnancy of blood in the affected region and a blue patch on the skin should indicate this.

Stroke - The use of Yaz can cause blood clots that will invariably minimize or cut-off the flow of blood to the brain. The failure to constantly supply the brain cells with oxygen and nutrients eventuates in their death. Depending on the section of the brain deprived of oxygen and nutrients, the victim succumbs to incapacitation and will need frequent monitoring and help to carry out tasks.

Heart attack - The blockage of the coronary artery as a result of a blood clot can be damaging to the heart muscles. Heart functions are immediately compromised; the pumping of blood becomes irregular with increased pressure being subjected on the heart as it tries to rectify this condition. Eventually, it tires and might just stop functioning altogether.

Pulmonary Embolism - Blood clots from Yaz may lead to the blockage of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. This reduces the capacity of blood to transport oxygen to body cells and organs, the victim's body experiences a slow death due to the death of cells.
Symptoms that point towards the formation of blood clots from the consumption of Yaz
The skin around the blood clot region decolorizes by either turning bluish or reddish. There is a warm sensation in the legs as well as the occurrence of cramps. The swelling of the legs continuously makes mobility more of a challenge; alternative mobility options might have to be considered.

By filling out our form, you secure a chance at filing against Bayer for having experienced blood clots from consuming Yaz. Make your stand today and a wise one at that.


By: Brittany Rader
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Deep Vein Thrombosis has been published on Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

Deep Vein Thrombosis From Yaz
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition prominent with the use of Yaz. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company apparently side lined the inclusion of this side effect on their birth control pill. Deep Vein Thrombosis from Yaz results from the formation of blood clots within the blood veins; this blocks the passage of blood and eventuates in its stagnancy in the affected region, this is normally characterized by a patch of discolored skin (either reddish or bluish). This painful condition normally affects the legs of the victim although it has been reported to negatively impact on the arms as well. The legs are a vital component in mobility and the occurrence of Deep Vein Thrombosis from Yaz has and continues to cause problems with movement. It is also important to know that a good number of lawsuits have been filed with reference to Deep Vein Thrombosis; most of them have turned out successfully with claimants getting dully compensated by Bayer for the losses and pain suffered. The sum acquired in compensation can be used to rectify the condition and hopefully get the claimant get back on their feet literally.
Signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis from Yaz
The following pointers should acts as early signals to the possible occurrence of Deep Vein Thrombosis. They may not show visibly at first but they present themselves with the continued use of Yaz. Victims of such are advised to visit their doctors soonest possible as this has been known to tame the condition early enough and even help prevent any related Yaz side effects.
The legs of the victim swell around the area of the clot formation; this signifies accumulation of blood as well as the disruption of blood flow, normally the swelling is along the affected deep vein. The region becomes tender and decolorizes into either reddish or bluish. Due to the accumulation, warmth builds up in the affected region and the victim feels pain when walking and standing; most avoid any strenuous that inflict pressure on the legs, it is advisable to do so. Straining your deep veins in such a state may just cause them to rapture and induce internal bleeding.
The discussed symptoms may not be conclusive given that different individuals have equally different ways of responding to Deep Vein Thrombosis from Yaz. The condition arises from the formation of blood clots and has a similar bearing to the occurrence of Pulmonary Embolism; it is thence necessary to acquaint yourself with the symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism as well. If you take heed, you might as well end up killing the two birds with one stone.
How does the consumption of Yaz cause Deep Vein Thrombosis?
Yaz contains a chemical ingredient called drospirenone. Studies have directly linked this compound to the formation of harmful clots in blood vessels. This progestin affects the legs, arms and pelvic regions where it inhibits blood flow by formation of clots. As a result, it causes a myriad of blood clot related conditions. With an authenticated medical report, a claimant has the odds in their favor when seeking a settlement on the basis of Deep Vein Thrombosis from Yaz.

If you wish to file against Bayer, kindly fill out our form for a quick and credible review of your case. We are determined to make things right for you so don't hesitate; suffering Deep Vein Thrombosis form your consumption of Yaz is a fault squarely lying with Bayer, not you.

By: Brittany
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Stroke From Yaz has been published on Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

Suffering a Stroke from Yaz

By the simplest of definitions, a Stroke is the worst possible predicament that can strike through persons's body. It disfigures the individual besides inflicting serious emotions on their soul; a terminal condition which proves very hard to live with. The association Yaz has with stroke is thus one of its most serious implications. A good number of victims have already succumbed to stroke, a condition which resulted from their consumption of Yaz.

Suffering a Stroke from Yaz is a life-changing event. Perfectly functioning people turn into a dependant, joy goals you had turns into sadness, a healthy individual turns into a sickly lady who needs continuous monitoring. The occurrence of Stroke as a result of consuming Yaz has been one of the most successful cases in the courts of law when it comes to seeking compensation. Medical practitioners and legal advisers conclusively agree that the elements found within Yaz bear a hefty responsibility for the induction of Stroke.
How Yaz leads to the occurrence of Stroke
The estrogen hormone in the female body is a factor that has to be well balanced failure to which serious conditions can arise from its fluctuation. In case you are wondering how Yaz is directly related to the occurrence of Strokes, let me lay your curiosity to rest. In an effort to control birth, Yaz spurs up the estrogen levels in the female body. This is a perfect definition of a double-edged sword; it prevents pregnancy and (without your knowledge) puts you at the risk of suffering a Stroke. The heightened estrogen levels will more likely than not induce the initial stages of a Stroke. By effectively disrupting blood flow to the brain, estrogen causes this most vital organ to be dysfunctional; this is a direct occurrence of a Stroke from Yaz.
The brain will not be affected wholesomely by even the minutest of disruptions have far reaching ramifications. Given that it is the hub of the human body, it is hard to predetermine which part of the body is most vulnerable. A Stroke from Yaz can lead to the halting of very important body functions, if not well managed it can easily lead to the death of the individual in question. Failure to supply the brain with enough blood can lead to the death of its cells and once the infection has started, there is no stopping; it is the case of a bad fish ruining the whole catch.
Symptoms of a Stroke from Yaz
As is with any condition, certain scenarios point towards the possible occurrence of the condition in question. A stroke has its fair share of symptoms which are common with all Stroke cases. The slightest occurrence of any of the below discussed Stroke symptoms should be treated with utmost seriousness; booking an appointment with your doctor should be your first priority.

The energy levels in the body plummet.
One experiences difficulty even in executing the simplest of tasks.
The victim has difficulties in breathing and nurses a paining chest, face and sometimes neck.
The heart rhythm is unpredictable and this normally implies that the tempo is imbalanced. Some victim's experience fast heartbeats.
The victim may experience nausea often leading to vomiting. Diarrhea is also a common occurrence.
The hands and legs either become numb or painful.
Dizziness on its part poses balancing problems to the victim and they have difficulties walking.
Some victims have reported having blurry vision or losing their visual capability altogether. Dumbness is also a symptom related to a Stroke from Yaz

If you have suffered Stroke as a consequence of consuming Yaz, kindly fill out our form and we will reach out to you. Our specialty is in handling legal counsel, and we would be much obliged to be of service.

Author: Yaz Class Action
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Pulmonary Embolism has been published on Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

Pulmonary Embolism From Yaz

The consumption of Yaz is associated with various serious side effects one of them being Pulmonary Embolism. This condition is characterized by the presence of a blood clot or clots in the pulmonary arteries lungs. As a resultant of this condition, the victim's body is adversely affected due to shortage in the supply of oxygen throughout the body. Reliable statistics have pointed out that one in every three unreported cases of Pulmonary Embolism end up in regrettable fatalities.

Pulmonary Embolism from Yaz bears its origin from a condition referred to as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT); blood clots normally form in the veins running through the victim's legs. Afterwards, they are transported via the bloodstream to the lungs where they block the pulmonary arteries. Multiple clogging would only mean an amplified Pulmonary Embolism scenario as a result of using Yaz.
The relation of Yaz to Pulmonary Embolism
Yaz contains harmful chemical substances whose purpose is to lessen bloating as well as relieving cramps. Its formulations dehydrate the body, heightening the risk of blood-clot formation due to the thickening of blood; this particular fact is uncontestable. Since Yaz is a medication specially designed for women, those with cases of obesity and heart attacks are at a risk of succumbing to Pulmonary Embolism all the more. Yaz is not also friendly to the smokers with regards to Pulmonary Embolism.

The premonition of Pulmonary Embolism from Yaz has been backed with full-scale medical analysis; analysis that point to the harmful chemicals constituting this defamed drug. It is sad when one suffers from such a devastating condition out of ignorance imposed on the by Bayer Pharmaceutical Company; by all means if you have been a victim of their ill-bearing campaign, seek legal advice and weigh out your options. Bayer also ought to suffer equally if not more than their affected clientele.
The early indications of Pulmonary Embolism
If you have been consistently consuming Yaz, certain recurrent but rather mild conditions should raise alarm. Different case studies have all arrived at an amicable cohesion as concerns the said signals. They often act as precursors to the impending Pulmonary Embolism from the consumption of Yaz.
Due to the clogging of pulmonary arteries, oxygen supply in the victim's body is reduced and there are prominent patches of blue skin in the individuals. These patches normally won't fade away and can only get larger in size with time.

The victim experiences shortage of breath. A task as simple as walking will be exhausting and result into heavy panting and sweating. Persistent coughing has also been associated with Pulmonary Embolism. The consumption of Yaz will cause the victim to cough up blood; this goes to show the extent of the damage done to the lungs.

If you consistently feel light-headed or worse still faint, your consumption of Yaz has possibly triggered Pulmonary Embolism and you should take it upon yourself to undergo a medical test.  Chest pains also point out to an impending Pulmonary Embolism condition. Sharp pains rush through the victim's chest due to coughing.

Irregular heartbeats result from clogged arteries and directly point towards the existing condition. The high pressure subjected on the heart can be devastating.

If you have been victimized by Bayer, kindly fill out our form and legal assistance will come your way promptly. Our specialized teams have had years of experience handling product injury cases, and are more than willing to make you part of their success story.

Author: Yazclassaction on Google+
Pulmonary Embolism
Pulmonary Embolism
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Yaz Class Action Lawsuit
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