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Social media strategy and content marketing guy

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How I've Read 3 1/2 Books This Year Without Being Much of a Reader

Reading has, without question, made me a better creative thinker. But up until this year, I didn't read that often. Here's how I've managed to create a habit.

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Checklist: 48 Ways to Share Content on Social Media

I came up with 48 different ways to share content on social media, but there are probably tons more. Help me out in the comments.

Here's the full post/list:


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So far, I've thought up 1 bad thing and 3 good things with regard to Facebook's coming-soon "dislike" button.

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4 Ways (Good and Bad) Facebook's New Dislike Button Could Affect Your Business

This is a big change for Facebook, and it's natural to have a gut reaction about it. Wait. It's not a good or a bad thing yet.

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Why Google+ Is Successful

This isn't an old post.


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Good stuff from +Brooke Andersen.
How to Make Instagram's Web Search Work for You

Social media managers did a happy dance this morning when Instagram implemented search functionality for the web. A day in the life of a social media manager involves lots of multi-tasking between your mobile phone and laptop. When you’re working in Excel, responding to e-mails and checking Facebook pages, having to jump to another device can slow down productivity. Here are a few tips to make this new Instagram functionality do some work for you.

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"The size of the community does not equal the value you can get from the community."
5 Tools to Grow Your Presence on Google Plus

Worthy reminder: "The size of the community does not equal the value you can get from a community."

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My latest post for +Curator PR:
You Know Your Social Media Post Sucks If It Sounds Bad Out Loud

Here's how you can tell if you've written a bad post:

• It sounds like a headline.
• It sounds like an ad.
• It sounds robotic.
• It just sounds bad.

You get the gist. But you can read the full post here:

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3 Brand Management Strategies That Should Have Failed

This post from +Percolate has so many good insights, e.g.:

"Marketing managers at PBR eventually realized that Portland, Oregon’s growing population of anti-establishment hipsters had taken to the beer. It became, through no deliberate action on the company’s part, a 'social protest' brand, one marketing consulting firm found. 'P.B.R. is seen as a symbol and fellow dissenter.'

"In light of this customer insight, the company began making the conscious choice to stay under the radar. That’s hard to do for marketers. But this understanding of customers’ need for an 'anti-brand' meant that the only way to nurture growth was to do it quietly."

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What are Google+ Hashtags Good For Anymore?

"Search is still the cornerstone for Google's social media game. The more tools you have in your belt to get accurate information correctly in the right categories, the better. Hashtags are still very prominent as far as Trending is concerned on G+. I'm confident hashtags aren't going away anytime soon, but expect to see them downplayed even more than they are now on Google+."

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Google+ Photos are changing my liiiiiiiiiife!!!

I don't know how I never used Google+ Photos before, but I'm switching over from Flickr. The syncing on iOS rocks.

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