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World Heritage Site-Ajanta – Ellora Caves
World Heritage Site-Ajanta – Ellora Caves
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Ajanta – Ellora Caves

The city is very well known for the Ajanta – Ellora Caves, India Tour a world heritage site. The status was given by UNESCO. The Ajanta has about 29 caves and Ellora has about 34 caves. The caves depict the medieval period and the Buddhist era from 200 BC to 650 AD. The Godavari River runs through the city, which is quite scenic when looked at from a distance. Another interesting fact about Aurangabad is the Daulatabad Fort, built by the Mughal Emperor. The Fort is an example of architectural mastery even in those times. There are many multiplexes, Cinema Halls and shopping complexes in the city.

The climatic conditions are also quite pleasant throughout the year. Since the summers are a bit hot and humid, the city is best to be visited in the winters from October to February. The Aurangabad airport is located at about 10 km from the city but the railway station is at a distance of 113 km from Aurangabad, located in Manmad. Roads are quite well connected with all the major cities and buses ply regularly to and from the city. Another fascinating fact about Aurangabad as a quite densely populated city is you hardly see people crowding the local places. They prefer to stay indoors or pack up to the nearby destinations.

Shaped during the span of 2nd century BC and 8th century AD, the India Tours Ajanta and Ellora caves are the most alluring destinations of the country. The caves of Ajanta Ellora were discovered by John Smith the Briish Army Officer on the group expedition in the yar 1819 which has been carved on the Sahyadri hills over the Wagora river.
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