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Acmite Market Intelligence
We are a leading market information provider offering market data and analysis across a range of industry sectors.
We are a leading market information provider offering market data and analysis across a range of industry sectors.

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Our report on global polyamide market is published:

Title: Global Polyamide Market
Publish date: December, 2014
Code: C0630
Language: English
Pages: 521


Polyamide (nylon) market continues to develop very unevenly. While the polyamide fiber market is quite saturated and sees slow or flat growth, polyamide engineering thermoplastics (PA ETP) market shows strong growth globally, likely to increase between 5-6% annually in the coming years. 

Polyamides continue to be one of the largest engineering polymer families. Global demand on polyamide resins and compounds (excl. fiber market) was valued at approximately US$20.5 billion in 2013. The market is expected to reach US$25.4 billion by 2017 and to approach US$30 billion by 2020, following the CAGR of 5.5% in the coming years. PA6 and PA66 remain the large-volume standard products, and an increasing number of specialty polyamides appear owing to technical challenges in high end applications. 

Automotive and E&E present the largest application markets of thermoplastic polyamides, followed by packaging/film and consumer goods. North America and Western Europe remain the key leaders for polyamide. China is now the second largest single country market, presenting fastest growing demand. 

Positive prospects are supported by strong demand from the downstream markets in both developed and developing regions, advancement of material science and process technologies, etc. New business opportunities will emerge in both traditional and novel applications. 

Acmite Market Intelligence has finished a most comprehensive report on the global thermoplastic polyamide market. It is ready for order.

The report examines the current products, technologies and application areas, provides extensive market data of 2013, and market forecast through 2020 to 2022. It also outlines the competition landscape, evaluates market chances and risks, and anticipates future trends based on a series of influence factors:
- Ca. 220 pages analysing the market
- Ca. 70 figure tables
- Ca. 230 manufacturers of polyamide profiled

With a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of the global thermoplastic polyamide market, this report is an ideal help for you with decisions about market penetration, business expansion or project feasibility analysis

For details, please check the report page:
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