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"I got a fan letter, from a young lady. It was a suicide note. So I uh, I called her. I said, ‘Hey this is Jimmy Doohan. Scotty of Star Trek.’ I said, ‘I’m doing a con in Indianapolis. I want you to be there.’ I saw her and, I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was definitely suicidal. Somebody had to help her somehow. And obviously she wasn’t going to the right people. Anyhow I said, ‘I’m doing a convention two weeks from now in St. Louis.’ Two weeks from then and something and then she came to New York. And she was able to afford to go to these places. And this went on for two or three years. Maybe eighteen times. And all I did was talk to her, positive things. And then all of a sudden, ZIP. Nothing. I didn’t hear anything I didn’t know what was happening cause I never saved her address. Eight years later I get a letter saying, ‘I do want to thank you so much for what you did for me, because I just got my masters in electronic engineering.’ You know, to me, thats the best thing I have ever done in my life. And it brings tears to my eyes every time I even talk about the story."

(source: Trekkies, 1997) #StarTrek
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Positive thought and feelings shared can help anyone even the most desperate well done that man
WOW! This is so great to hear, that he cared enough to reach out to this young woman. Simple act of kindness and caring for another human being, wonderful..well done Scottie1
This is from the 1997 documentary, Trekkies, in case anyone is interested as to the source.
For Jimmy Doohan to reach out to a troubled person not only once but many times over a course of several years is not only inspiring but the measure of a good man.
What a sweet man and when my time comes I will no doubt say...beam me up Scottie.
That was awesome to read, thank you for sharing.
Couldn't he just tell a doctor about her? He could have screwed things up actually.
doctors don't help suicidal people; other people, like friends and family showing interest do
The quality of treatment available for non-consensual committal make people reticent to use the system. It's a problem you can see repeated in a few places.
+Hisham Almiraat Probably not. For one thing, there are all those pesky privacy/liability concerns, even if you're trying to help, for Ch*'s Sake, then again, you can't force anyone to see a mental health professional, and finally, what does one say to a stranger: 'Gimme your name, address, DOB, phone number and history so I can have a doctor call you.'? ;)
...and she later went on to develop the first warp drive. :) Great story though.
+Hisham Almiraat Fobbing her off to a doctor turns out to be the opposite of what she needed. That would've screwed things up.
I think it is wonderful :) God leads people to do and say things at the right times. He had a great profound influence on her especially getting her electronic engineering degree (remember he was Scotty the engineer in Star Trek) :)
At Hisham - sometimes you have to follow your heart and take a chance or you will be nothing in life :)
A really inspiring story...thanks to you for reaching out.
Nice, you did a good thing, how did it feel?
+Timothy Bouche, it's not that easy. Depression is a serious medical issue that can destroy lives. If it were as easy as just having someone to care for you, then we would never have a suicide in a family where everyone loves each other. I have two wonderful children, loving extended family, and a husband who would do anything for me, and does... and yet I suffered from depression for years.

Drugs may not always be the answer, and I definitely agree that many medical professionals are not the best and often do care only about the dollar, but to say that depression just needs someone to care is ignorant at best, potentially deadly at worst. Do not belittle depression or its effects on its sufferers.
i don't know what are you talking about
di translate ae mas gendut... ben ngerti boso gaul...
maaf. Aku wong ndesa ora ngerti cara inggris.
chu cho,,poko na mah okelah kalo begitu ..
Asal nimbrung,,,sing penting damai,,,peace lahhhh,,,
Asal nimbrung,,,sing penting damai,,,peace lahhhh,,,
Just beam her over to sick bay Scotty.!! :))
Nah.. just kidding. But I like your action in this one. It show you what human should do to others. Cares.. because we are not human when we lost our humanity.
Interesting story..and the comments are also..