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I just posted a blog, "Aging Well Can Be Simple"

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Aging Well Can Be Simple
Most readers of this blog are
familiar with assorted advice on how to age well. But if I asked you to name
the two most important lifestyle influences on aging, in two words, could you
do it? The answer is (drum roll please): diet and exercise. Both
animal ...

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Sleep Needed for Memory
Got kids or grandkids in school? Odds are they are not
getting enough sleep, and it is hurting their learning and grades. This is a
special problem for older adolescents. At this age, the biological clock shifts
and makes them stay up too late if they need ...

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Managing Information to be Remembered
Do you feel embarrassed because you use such memory aids as
sticky notes, calendars, shopping lists, designated places for personal items,
or other shortcuts to help you remember? If so, don’t feel bad. Some recent
research suggests that saving key informat...

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Why Music Matters
Every generation has its preferred music. In the 1920s, it
was classic jazz. In the 40s it was big-band swing. In the 50s it was modern
jazz, Elvis, and rock. In the 90s rap and hip-hop became popular. However, some
music, such as country and classical musi...

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Thwart Stress Effects on Memory
It is well
known that stress can impair memory. Everyone has had some experience of this
kind. As a student suffering test anxiety, grades are likely to suffer. In
high-stakes social or business interactions, the stress may well cause memory
to fail us, as ...

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Base Relationships on the Present, Not the Past
Everyone has feelings about those
who have been close to them: parents, siblings, spouses, and colleagues. Those
feelings are usually formed from memories of past interactions with those
people. When those memories are negative, they can poison relationship...

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To Remember Multiple Items: Put Them in Related Groups
Memory formation and recall are greatly
influenced by how items of information relate to each other. In the case of
words, different words that have related categorical meanings are often easier
to remember as a unit. For example, in a list of words that in...

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Learning to Be Dishonest
In this time of Presidential elections, what better time could there be to write a post about dishonesty. What makes people dishonest? What makes some people more dishonest than others?           Any attitude or behavior, if
sufficiently rehearsed, becomes ...
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