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Updated: Received the tires in 3 business days, thankful for that. The tires were manufactured in June of 2012. I wish there was a way to know that up front without causing a delay. I did research and found that it isn't uncommon to receive tires that are 2-4 years old, as long as they were stored properly, they should be just fine. I improved my 2 star to a 3 star. I would have gone for a 3.5 if there was an option as the 3 day shipping was a nice option after expecting it later than that. I'm keeping it at 3 due to the previously mentioned order entry error. I would probably re-order through Simple Tire but I would call my order in. I wish I would have read the reviews sooner. I would have went through Tire Rack. Problem 1: I placed my order on a Wednesday at 11am pst, (2pm est). The first fault is that after I pressed the "place order" button, the screen froze on the "placing order, please wait" screen. I used the customer service chat to go from there. The rep. recommended that I refresh and try again, a typical no no in online ordering. I decided to check my bank statement and saw that the money was taken from my account. I mentioned that and the rep. did help me to get an order number and tracking number. I asked if an email would be sent, he did not respond. I have not received any sort of email verification of the order. Problem 2: The shipping. I loathe online shopping due to the shipping time, the price was lower than anywhere else so I sucked it up and purchased online believing that they would meet the "estimated 2-4 day" shipping that they advertise. As mentioned earlier, placed my order at 11am pst/2pm est, I figured it would ship that afternoon. It is the next morning and it did not ship yesterday. There is a FedEx tracking number that estimates a time beyond the estimated 2-4 shipping, even if it did ship yesterday. I ordered Wednesday, it's estimating the following Wednesday, that is 5 business days. In the Amazon prime era, this is bs. I will update my review upon receiving the order as it sounds like I could be in for more surprises.
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Great experience. Will return for all my wheel/tire needs. I purchased new tires online and called this company to ask about mounting the new tires. They asked for $10, half of what Les Schwab wanted. I arrived and had the tires installed in less than 15 minutes. The team was very friendly. They only accept cash but let me leave to get cash and return on good faith.
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My experience was great. Everything was quick and everyone was very happy. The dental hygenist was very friendly and funny.
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Woke up one morning with incredible neck pain and very limited mobility. I recently moved from the Portland area and my insurance does not provide out of network coverage.I must have called over 10 different local chiropractors and every one wanted to run up as much of a bill as possible. I called this company and was greeted by a very friendly receptionist who explained that I could talk with the chiropractor and discuss my options rather than being given the one size fits all approach from the previous physicians I contacted. I was able to be seen within a few hours after placing the call and the chiropractor went right to work on my problem area. He ran me through some preliminary assessments to determine the source of the problem, then laid me down on the table and went directly to the problem area and within a few adjustments, my mobility was restored. I had forgotten to discuss payment with the chiropractor but was amazed at how reasonable the fee was compared to what I had been hearing from the other physicians. I was so pleased with the service that I went in to be seen again, and now a few weeks later with slight pain still lingering, I have no hesitation to go to this physician again. This was as ideal of a situation as I could have asked for given my painful circumstances.
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