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Robert Enders
Libertarian. Scifi author. Corporate tool.
Libertarian. Scifi author. Corporate tool.

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In defense of CNN
A guy going by the handle "Han Asshole Solo" posted a meme showing Trump punching a guy with the CNN logo for a face. Trump liked the meme so much that he tweeted it. Now you would think that if the president liked your meme, you would want to take credit f...

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Happy Independence Day!
On Memorial Day, we remember those who
fought and died. On Veterans Day, we honor those who fought and
survived. But Independence Day is a day that belongs to all
Americans. Some of our ancestors came here from
Europe fleeing religious persecution. Some of ...

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Encouraging a person to commit suicide should be illegal in certain circumstances.
We all agree that we have a right to
free speech. We all agree that there are exceptions to this, like
when a person tells another person to kill someone else. There is now
a controversy over whether or not people have a right to encourage
other people to ...

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Why I haven't read Harry Potter yet.
First of all, let me say that I'm very glad the Harry Potter series exists. Kids should be reading. They are more likely to read books that are written to appeal to them instead of books written by and for dead white guys. There is nothing wrong with the cl...

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Wonder Woman=Captain America (SPOILERS)
I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman in the theater. It reminded me a LOT of Captain America: The First Avenger. Both movies start out in the present day, and then flashback to the main character's origin story. Both Diana and Steve Rogers really want t...

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On political violence
Murder is wrong. You should already know that by the time you are old enough to read this. I shouldn't have to say that every time there is a highly publicized killing. There are killings everyday, all the time around the world. Nobody has time to compose a...

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It's the coverup that gets you in the end.
Trump has not been conspiring with Russia. How do I know this? Because Russia has high standards regarding who they conspire with. Trump cannot hold a security clearance, which means he cannot be trusted to keep a secret. He is not a guy that you want invol...

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A Long Way From Tipperary: Chapter One
Ebook available here. Paperback available here. CHAPTER 1      “Any reputable biologist will tell you that evolution is caused by happenstance. Let me tell you about the happenstance that caused our race to exist.      “Towards the end of the Galactic Dark ...
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