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The Story of Us
Susan and I were recently asked by friends (in preparation for a Valentine's Day dinner activity) to write the story of how we met.  It's one we've told many times, but for those of you who have never heard it, here it is.  Maybe one day, if there is any in...

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Twenty Quotes
Twenty Quotes It seems
that on a daily basis we are hit by bad news, be it global, national, or
local.  As we struggle to deal with issues, both as a culture and on an
individual basis, a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. seems to come back to me, as
if of i...

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On (Off?) the Road Again
A number of years ago, my wife and I made the big plunge
that we knew would temporarily throw our little world into disarray:  we switched from having a box at the post
office to having the mail delivered to our physical address.  For the most part, the tra...

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Shrinking Nest Syndrome
As my wife and I prepare to send our second out of four children to college, I have many mixed feelings.  Elizabeth will be leaving in just a few days to attend CNU, and I am anxious for her in much of the same way as I was with Michael.  There is the part ...

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Stats Unit 5 Notes--Days 3-5
Seniors-- Here are the notes that cover the last few days of class.  The discussion is about testing variances using an F-test to decide which test statistic to use for our t-tests. Quiz next class! Mr. Sanderson Stats Unit 5 notes--Days 3-5

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Stats Unit 5 Day 2 Notes: 5_16_14
Students-- Here are the notes from today's class. I am also including a MS Excel "cheat sheet" to be used for much of the work. Please let me know if you have any questions, Mr. Sanderson Stats Unit 5 Day 2 Notes MS Excel Statistics Cheat Sheet

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Calc notes from 5_16_14
Students-- I have attached 2 files below.  The first has the last two examples from the Day 3 lecture and the second has the Day 4 lecture. In addition, we started with a quick quiz (12 pts) and then did a warm-up worksheet (problems are on Day 4 lecture sl...

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Pre-Calc II--Identities Day 5 Notes, 5_15_14
Students-- Here are the notes from today's class. Mr. Sanderson Identities Day 5 Notes 5_15_14

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Unit 5 Stats Notes from 5_14_14
Students-- Here are the notes in .pdf form from today's class.  Please see me if you have any questions. Mr. Sanderson Unit 5 Day 1 Stats Notes Completed from 5_14_14

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Ch. 5 Notes Days 1 and 2
Students-- Below are the links to the .pdf files for the notes on Ch. 5 Day 1 that we started last Thursday and finished today.  In addition, I have included the portion of the Day 2 notes that we covered today. Mr. Sanderson Ch. 5 Day 1 Notes Ch. 5 Day 2 N...
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