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Khalid Masood

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Khalid Masood

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A New Theory of the Universe, Life and Everything Founder/Writer: Khalid Masood (Independent Researcher)

Time Theory of Matter, Life and Everything.

Nothing exists except time; everything else is opinion. Matter and
energy do not exist. There is no such thing as matter.
Everything is wrong in physics and cosmology.
Mass, energy and all fundamental forces are manufactured quantities of time.
Time is not a manufactured quantity.
Time is the only real and independent entity. Everything else is
secondary/derived form of time. Scientific people know very well that
time is only a kind of space. We can move forward and backward in time
just as we can move forward and backward in space. I base my theory on
the idea that space is a kind of time. We can move forward and backward
in time only.
Suppose mass-energy is no more anywhere in the universe or even in
multiverse and there is nothing in the universe, there is time
everywhere. I don't believe in nothing. Where there is nothing, there is time.
There can exist no any type of smallest bits in shape of elementary particles
of matter as the basic building blocks of the universe.
Time Creates Space, Life, Consciousness, and the Universe itself.
Time is substructure of the so called elementary particles, the
strings and everything living or non- living. Elementary particles and
everything is form of time.Time determine the behavior of matter and
matter determine the behavior of time.
Time is central to the inner life of Quarks, life, and everything.
No Higgs breakthrough! There is no any invisible field of energy or
Higgs field. Only 'Extrem Levels of Time' and Timefield exists throughout the
entire Universe, parallel Universes-Multiverse. I have given it a
nickname 'God Field.'

A challenge to Higgs boson discovery:
Peter Higgs is an 83-year-old British theoretical physicist who first
proposed the existence of the particle in 1964 as the missing link of
a grand theory of matter and energy, what is known as the Standard
Model of Physics.
The boson is posited to have been the agent that gave mass and energy
to matter after the creation of the universe 13.7 billion years ago,
leading some to nickname it the ‘God particle’.
If there is no Higgs, we and all the other joined-up atoms in the
universe would not exist!
There is no Higgs boson-the 'God particle'. CERN scientists are doing an elusion
experiment for an elusive particle. Findings are only traces of
illusion of the elusive boson. God doesn't play a particles game with
the Universe. There was no Big bang. Big bang needs amendment.
Mr. Peter Higgs is suffering from 'Mass Hysteria', a new kind of disease!

Three spatial dimensions and one time dimension is absolutly a wrong idea.
Merging space and time together into space-time was a good idea. And now
merging space-time into time is my dangerous idea! Space and time,
space-time, and now only Time, is a brief history of time in one sentence.
Time is the eternal fabric of the Universe, parallel Universes-
Multiverse, Hell and Heaven. There is a raging debate going on
about whether the fourth dimension is time, or whether it is a 4th
spatial dimension. The unification of time and space as a
four-dimensional continuum (spacetime) and the concept of a fourth
spatial dimension (four-dimensional space) make no sense. Spatial
dimensions are no more. Particles and forces of nature are time
dimensions. All dimensions are time dimensions. Fluctuating extreme
levels of time are dimensions of time, and behave like particles and
forces, and are the basic building blocks of every manufactured
quantity. Matter changes the geometry of space-time itself is not
true. Time changes the geometry of everything. Geometry exists in its
own time dimensions. God invented time and is the Holy Grail of Nature.Time
exists and is fundamental, independent, and the only real entity of
the universe. The universe, life, and everything is spam, not real,
and secondary form of time. Time is infinity and the only singularity
and has no beginning and no end. Big bang is not the event-of the
origin of the universe. The very essence of matter is its fundamental
entanglement with the ultimate non-matter fluctuating extreme levels
of time. Everything ultimately is boxes of time dimensions. The fundamentals
of inheritance (Genetics) is in time dimensions structure of DNA, and RNA.
DNA and RNA are mere boxes of time dimensions. There is no such things as,
space, motion, particles, forces, and "everything". All are time dimensions,
positions just relative-referred quantities occupied by "time".
Space is linked to time: space alone has no physical meaning, only
the "time-dimensions" continuum exists.
What exactly defines "Time?". Time can exist on it's own.

Time is not a manufactured quantity. More accurately, time is not
manufactured, and is not a quantity. Every quantity is manufactured
except time. Length, mass or force, and motion are forms of time. All
motion is time. Any change in position of an object is due to the
extreme level fluctuations of time. Newton's laws of motion, his study
of light, and his theory of universal gravitation needs an improved
model of 'time physics'.

After Newtonian mechanics and Quantum mechanics, I have a bold
proposal for 'Time Mechanics', 'Time Cosmology' and 'Time Physics' as
new scientific disciplines.

Instead of particles, ultimate fluctuating extreme levels of time is
the eternal fabric of the universe, life and everything.
The Universe, Life and Everything is geometry of time. Geometry ia a
property of time.
God does not play a particles game with the universe. The particles with speeds
approaching the speed of light, or a particle speed greater than the
speed of light in empty space is wrong idea. There is no any
independent speed of light and no empty space exists. Only time move
and time field exists. Every pattern in nature-be it a so-called
sub-atomic particle or a human instinct-is linked by a continually
evolving organizing, commanding, master primary force"time field" or"t
field". Fluctuating extreme levels of time behave like motion in shape
of particles and photons. It's the speed of time. Time travel in the
form of light at its own speed. The speed of time vary with the
evolution of the universe. The universe's expansion is not
accelerating, and there is no such thing as dark energy and dark
matter. It's time which is accelerating carrying the universe. The
time is never dead, disappears, or slowing down. It's not time, it's
matter which is disappearing from the universe.

Multi-time-verse and Parallel lives Theory:

Multiverse (Parallel Universes) exists in infinity of
time dimensions. Multiverse should be named Multi-time-verse. In
Multi-time-verse (parallel timeverses), multi-time-life (parallel lives)
exists. Time dimensions is the limit, which differentiate our universe
and bio-life in multi-time-verse from parallel universes. Our BioLife in
multi-time-life is extraterrestrial life (aliens) to parallel lives.
Sorry,we are entirely aliens. Mankind may not be a superior intelligence.
We are not the main points of Darwin's theory of Evolution by natural
selection. Natural selection is a product of purely time creatures.
We are all creatures of time.
We are counterpart of extraterrestrial life in the Multi-time-verse
parallel lives.
There could be billions type of BioLife out there in our physical
universe and infinity of extraterrestrial life out there in Multi-time-verse.


Time Physics
Time Mechanics
Time Cosmology
parallel time-verses
Parallel lives

Khalid Masood
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Khalid Masood

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kutta harami dala
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Khalid Masood

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The biggest or smallest phenomenon is the same in the realm of time.
Khalid Masood
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INTERNATIONAL scientists said they had found signs of the Higgs boson, an elementary subatomic particle believed to have played a vital role in the creation of the universe after the Big Bang.
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I am an independent researcher and cosmologist by passion. I am interested in the origin of the universe and nature of time.

My mottos:


One day of a researcher's life is better than 100 years life of a king.

Brains cannot become minds without hearts.

I am part of the universe as my heart is part of me.

Study is the best revenge.

One of the greatest tragedies in mankind's entire history may be that morality was hijacked by nationalism.

Research Interest:

My main research interests are Physics, Modern Cosmology , Philosophy, Particle physics, Relativity, Time, Theory Of Everything and Economics.

My interests are very broad, extending from origin of the Universe and the origin of life, to the deeply philosophical.

I like to ponder the big questions of existence: How did the universe begin? What is the destiny of mankind? Is there a meaning to the universe? and includes the nature of time, the properties of black holes and quantum field theory.

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I am married and have four children.
  • Philosophy and Natural Sciences Bachelor and Master of Economics
    Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy of Physics.
  • New model & M.C. High School Lyallpur. Islamia Degree College Lyallpur.
  • and Master Degree from Punjab University Lahore, pakistan.
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