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In-stream ads have returned for me. Shocked this is still an issue.

The only thing I find slightly unintuitive about Action Launcher is having to swipe through page after page of widgets when looking to try out or select a one - I'd find being able to tap or drag my finger along the page indicator at the bottom to jump directly to a widget page would be a real boon. 

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Thanks for the great prizes +Instructables​!

Dirty flashed the most recent Hammerhead release over the previous (clean) ROM and my battery life is phenomenal, whereas it's been typically very average over the course of my phone's life - thank you dev!

The drawer looks so much tidier with the new icons - bravo!

Would it be possible to allow the volume buttons to control media volume by default, rather than ringer volume, but still allow the 'None', 'Priority' and 'All' sound option buttons in the pop-up volume menu?

I don't have the need to change the ringer volume on-the-fly very much - certainly significantly less often than I do media levels - setting up profiles in the ROM takes care of that for me, but being able to choose Priority mode, etc, would be very useful for me and perhaps others.

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Thank you for the T-shirt +Instructables ! Note to self: US mediums are huge!

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Simple Feedly client, much like Google News & Weather. I'm impressed so far.
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