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Waiver Revealed
Sunday night on twitter was a great discussion regarding the
loss of Oklahoma’s NCLB waiver. The frustrating thing for me is all the misinformation
that continues to surround this critical time in education.  Here is a no nonsense explanation of what
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No Waiver, No Standards, No Problem?
DENIED!, said Arne Duncan to Janet Barresi and her request
for a 1 year extension to Oklahoma’s ESEA waiver. Immediately our state’s
elected officials started doing what they do best: blaming someone else.
Everyone except Representative Jason Nelson; he cal...
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800 pound Gorilla
There is an 800 pound Gorilla in the room. It is big, ugly,
and wrecking havoc on our children’s education. 
Yes, I’m talking about the 800 or so classrooms with children ready to
learn but no teacher available to teach them. Why are we 800 teachers short? ...
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Jason James commented on a post on Blogger.
Just a thought..... if 79 students through an alternative test and 1 portfolio student were able to demonstrate reading proficiency after failing the OCCT, what does this say about the validity and reliability of the 3rd grade reading test.
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Just the facts, Ma'am.
Just the facts “Ma’am”.  Famous words from Dragnet Detective Joe
Friday. I don’t know if the numbers expressed in the DOK opinion piece this
Sunday are accurate or not, but I want to talk about the numbers they seemed to
ignore.  I know several of my good
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Educational Leadership Condundrum
Lately I haven’t been sleeping too well. To be more
accurate, I haven’t been staying asleep too well.  Falling asleep isn’t my problem; staying
asleep has been.  For the past couple of
months, I have been getting less and less sleep, and I think I know why....
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A Brave New World: Testing or Thinking?
An argument against High Stakes Testing
Accountability: My argument against high stakes testing accountability
is simple; it doesn’t work. To put it more precisely, high stakes testing
accountability isn’t increasing student’s ability to put to use the know...
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Random Ramblings about #oklaed
Okay, its been about 6 weeks since my last post. Sorry for the absence, but its been a crazy couple of weeks. I just completed my Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction (FINALLY!) and just changed jobs. I am now the Superintendent of Alex Public Schools. F...
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Dear Gov. Fallin
Dear Governor Fallin, I am writing you today to ask that you sign HB2625 into law.
Although you and I may disagree on the merits or potential outcomes of this
pivotal legislation, I think we both agree we should find more ways to include
parents in the educ...
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RHINO or HYPOcrisy
Before I get going on
this blog, I think it would be prudent to give some background information. I
am a Republican. Yes, I am a Republican because I was 18 when the greatest
President of modern times was President: Ronald Reagan. So there you go, I am a
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