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I aim to misbehave.
I aim to misbehave.

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I Did A Thing, And You're Probably Not Gonna Like It
As of today, Blind Study is no longer for sale, on any format.  Why? Because it was a failure. It rapidly went from barely selling to not selling at all, and has pretty much sat quietly on Amazon, Nook and Kobo ever since. The only reason it took me this lo...

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5k Day!
First 5k of the year! I chose a new event, the Lehighton Officers Down 5k, which, among other causes, benefitted the Corporal Bryan Dickson Fund, in memory of a police officer who was killed locally in an ambush last year.  I chose wisely. There was a DJ, a...

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I Maked These, March 2015
Man, it was a long week by Monday afternoon, wasn't it? I missed my usual Thursday post...I actually did remember it, but sort of made a pfft noise at it and rolled my eyes in the opposite direction. I've been struggling with some physical injury stuff, whi...

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Pepper Spray, No Smoothies
I was going to do a video blog on how to make a smoothie, but my video camera app wouldn't work on my Kindle so whatever.  Later, though, I was shopping for a new canister of pepper gel, and thought that might be a good blog topic.  There are two different ...

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Vacation Roundup
Back from sunny Florida! Here's a little roundup of what we did: Airboat tour! I have no idea what's up with the swamp cows, but that one was definitely giving me the stink eye.  These swamp cows are badass.  Then we went to the beach: I know this seems a l...

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Running Wardrobe Basics
People will try to tell you that running is the cheapest sport in the world to take up, equipment-wise. "Just lace up your shoes and go!" they say.  Of course, now that I've been running for almost two years, I know it's not that simple. That's long enough ...

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I usually remember on Friday morning that Throwback Thursday was the day before. But my dad just sent me a couple of pictures, which kind of set this up nicely for me.  I liked this one in particular: Me, obviously, probably around age seven or eight. I hav...

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Who Does This?
So, for my low-key Halloween costume this year, I did this: Apparently, you can't  only purchase two googly eyes from Walmart. Which is fine...I figured I'll get the big pack, stick them in my purse, and anthropomorphize random things as I go about my trave...

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I Maked These
It's that time of year again...when Jackie ruins her hands carving pumpkins. At least this year I didn't do five. Seriously. I couldn't bend my thumb for like two weeks after that.  Here's my favorite:  If you've ever met me, chances are I've been wearing a...

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Oh, Neville.
My husband heard a noise in the kitchen and went to check it out. In case you're wondering what's so funny, that's the dog food bin. Like me on Facebook , follow me on Tumblr , add me on Goodreads , and stalk me on Twitter !
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