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Vincent Kahl
I find the beauty in flaws and the flaws in beauty.
I find the beauty in flaws and the flaws in beauty.

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Completed my weekend project :)

#Tintin  is the best. Couldn't get enough of the guy while I was a child.


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Yay! I hope they spend some extra time on their net code. In particular a pitboss mode that doesn't require a server running 24/7 is on my wish list.


People seem to start to abandon WhatsApp.
My telegram contact list is rapidly growing since yesterday's announcement. 

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My first seat assignments :)

#seatassignment   #aerlingus   #EI657  
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Humorous Apple ;)

the 24th of January 1984 was the release of the original Mac


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I'd pay to see that live :)

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Wow... I didn't even know that they were still being produced. For me that's good news even though it's actually bad news that they stop the production of the VW bus.

Did anybody try to run the game on a MacBook Air (with OS X)? How does it perform?

Does the size of the pictures I upload have an influence on G+'s ability to apply AutoAwesome effects on them?
When I upload the photos in full size (24MP), G+ is constructing a panorama that is only stretching half the images compared to the panorama that gets build when I use the same photos with 6MP.

Anybody experienced something similar?

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Yay! Chromecast actually has the ability to receive streams directly from a device in your home :)
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