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Thanks for building Chrome Frame.  It was a lifesaver for us while it lasted.  

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If you know anyone who got an iPhone recently (or someone who is about to get one), uncommon makes pretty cool looking totally customizable iPhone covers. Free shipping in the U.S. for the next couple weeks too.

I had fun creating these today. I think I prefer the one with the plain black background best myself.


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Interested in refining and/or completely revamping your #softwaretesting metrics? I'd highly recommend this: STP Online Summit. Every single one of the presenters is both very knowledgeable and a very clear communicator.

STP Virtual Conference Room

Tuesday December 13 10:00AM - Thursday December 15 1:30PM PST

$195 USD before 11/29/11 $245 USD after 11/29/11

My personal prediction: if you're looking to make minor tweaks to standard/common/traditional/"by the book" metrics that your organization currently has in place, most of the speakers will encourage you to consider a fundamental revamp and or fundamentally changing how senior managers interpret the metrics.

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This article discusses a cool and creative IT authentication idea -

I particularly like this analogy:

"My house key will get you into my house, but the dog in my living room knows you're not me. No amount of holding up my key and saying you're me is going to convince my dog you're who you say you are. My dog knows you don't look like me, smell like me or act like me."

Via @mensming on Twitter (Michael E. Ensminger)

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I was reading through +Marlena Compton 's blog and saw this. It looks very cool.

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Two things to mention while sharing this link about First, Colette is well worth following if you're interested in marketing-related strategies for high tech firms. Second, my details can be found here:
I like this tool for creating an infographic from your LinkedIn profile. Nice. It also made me check my LinkedIn profile had been refreshed sometime this side of the Norman Conquest :) because I wanted the graphic to look cool...

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Here's a third instructional software testing video of the week. It's about how to select good test inputs for pairwise testing / combinatorial testing (and the thought process behind the selection process). If you're already familiar with the basics*, I'd suggest skipping right to minutes 5-7 for the good stuff.

*And if you're NOT familiar with pairwise / allpairs / and/or combinatorial software testing, don't you think it is about time you at least try it out already and see what all the fuss is about? The "three values each" approach described in this video would give you a quick and pretty painless way to create a set of a couple dozen or so extremely powerful end-to-end systems tests for virtually any system you can imagine.

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FYI - I'm shallow / easily manipulated by flattering comments from people whose opinions I respect.

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Here's the second unpolished instructional pairwise software testing video of the day (2 of 2). It addresses some common real-world considerations of creating pairwise tests. It addresses questions like:

How can you modify your test inputs to ensure that specific business rules and/or specific requirements get tested at some point in your tests?

How should you think through the process of identifying which test inputs are required to be added to your plan?

Which potential test "ideas" are typically better left out of your updated test inputs?

How can you remove impossible to test for combinations from a set of pairwise tests? (e.g., constraint handling)

How can you increase testing thoroughness levels beyond a simple allpairs / pair-wise coverage goal? (e.g., how to create extremely thorough n-way combinations)

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For a long time now, I've thought I should create some explanatory videos about how to generate pairwise (and more thorough sets of tests)... Two things have held me back. The first thing is that I didn't want to release sloppy, unprofessional videos. The second is that it isn't something urgent that needs to get accomplished... so it's a goal that is easy to keep postponing. I finally said "the Hell with it," I'm just going to start making a couple, get them out there, and worry about making more professional videos later.

This is a mediocre first attempt. More videos may be on the way.
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