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Effects of denotisation on Start-UPS
As per 8th November 2016 order of Government of India the currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 banned for legal tendering. It's a nice move by government against black money, terrorism, naxalism, etc. but the move has turned the daily routine very very dif...

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Employer v/s Employee
In commercial world two most important parts are one who
works and other who gets executed and generally executioners is termed as
employee and other one is known as Owner / Employer. Employee is important or
employer is important it is always hot discussio...

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Online Shopping V/s Real Purchase
Online shopping is increasing these days in our country and many companies operating for it like,,,, etc. but still people of india prefers to buy things by making physical check and inquiring about ...

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India V/s Pakistan
After attack at Uri Army camp by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in which 18 soldiers of Indian Army laid down their life the situation is very tense and political statement by leaders in both countries on United Nation platform has increased differences by m...

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याद आता है बचपन
याद आता है बचपन खोया गया है बचपन इन पक्की सड़को और गलियो में वो पेड के नीचे खेलना वो गिल्ली डंडे के साथ घर से निकलना वो बरसात के पानी में पत्थर तैराना वो कच्ची गलियों में गिरना गिरकर  उठकर चलना वो दोस्तो के साथ पतंग उड़ाना वो कुल्फी वाले को देखते ही घर वालो स...

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India Result in Rio Olympic
In 2016 Rio Olympics India has great hopes for medals and I am personally thinking that this time all records will be broken and many number of medals will be won by our nation but all the hopes failed. It is a setback for me and every Indian. Our hearts ar...

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Monsoon Raining
In this raining season whole city is flooded with water. Each highway, road, street and major points, chowks are facing water logging problem. Traffic jams due to water logging is a major hurdle. The above scene is common everywhere. Every year this situati...

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In my recent visit to Faridabad i felt a lot of changes in the city. A new wave of development is going. Previously the areas who are outskirts of city and farms are their is now filled with lots of societies especially the Naharpar area is now has so many ...

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Now a days so many young
boys and girls are unmarried in our society especially who has weak financial
background or who are less educated. These types of candidates hardly get any
match or a life partner, many of these candidates who grown elder are bounde...
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