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Donna Wood
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes..." Thoreau
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes..." Thoreau

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Puppy stuff
Many people told me I'd be better off adopting a shelter dog that was already grown rather than a puppy, because that way I wouldn't have the trials of housebreaking, chewed-up shoes and furniture, and so forth.  I told them I didn't want another dog with "...

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Another day in the life of a woman with a new puppy.
First, I'll let you know my husband went for his first radiation treatment this morning, because husbands top dogs in importance.  I won't be going along for the ride most days, since our Little Princess is usually here on weekdays.  Today, though, is a rai...

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Puppy report (and a report on my husband)
First, I'll let you know that Cliff saw his radiologist yesterday and will soon be starting radiation, probably within a week.  Meanwhile he stays busy working on the Ford tractor he recently purchased, which keeps him occupied while Gabe and our Little Pri...

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I have a dog. He owns me.
We went to Plattsburg, Missouri, to pick Gabe up.  He already had this name, sort of:  His registered name is Gabz, followed by a string of strange-sounding other names.  I first saw it as "Gabe" and decided I liked it, so Gabe he is. I held him on my lap o...

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Happenings around here
Every time I think of doing a blog entry about our humdrum everyday life, it all seems so boring.  At my age, boring is a good thing, because most of the excitement in my life these days is usually caused by news from a doctor... not always good news, eithe...

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What I've learned about the Instant Pot
On all the Facebook Instant Pot groups, and on all the blogs that extol their virtues, I've seen the same old song when asked, "What's the difference between an Instant Pot and a pressure cooker:  They answer, "The Instant Pot IS a pressure cooker." Well, I...

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Things that consume my time lately
Any time I can find something to prevent my doing actual work, I grab onto it, and just when I think I've discovered all the time-wasters I can ever use, along comes something else. For instance, Words With Friends, which is an online form of Scrabble (sort...

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I found another farmstead on the steam thresher grounds that seemed to be from an earlier era, before tractors, and it drew me like a magnet.  This portion of those 210 acres dedicated to past farming methods was the most peaceful yet, and I was lost in the...

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More pictures from the Western Minnesota Steam Show
There were a couple of flies in the ointment during our visit to the big Show:  First off, it rained on our first day.  I had checked the weather for that area and saw there was a 40% chance of showers and was hoping for the best, but when we arrived shortl...

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It's hard to follow up an inspiring story, but life goes on.
We're doing things around here, although it's nothing inspirational, and for sure, not anything that would change the world.  Today, for instance, I went to the Dental College in Kansas City and found out what teeth I have left are too complicated for young...
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