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Donna Wood
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes..." Thoreau
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes..." Thoreau

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Cows and their strange appetites
Spring is that lovely time of year when every flower that blooms seems like a miracle.  One of the early flowers to bloom in my yard is the Iris.  I have several colors of them.  Most of them are surrounded by grass and weeds and not properly cared for or d...

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Of all the things I've lost, I miss my enthusiasm most.
I don't get excited about too many things these days.  Back when I had Blue, my wonderful horse, I was enthusiastic about every ride.  When I had the dog before last, Sadie, I looked forward to our morning walks in the pasture because she kept us entertaine...

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An impromptu hootnanny
The grandson had a cookout yesterday, with lots of smoked meats.  He had invited several people, but had no idea who was actually going to show up.  Some showed up early and went mushroom hunting.  Let me just say, it's been a great morel season around here...

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My favorite yearly miracle
I've been planting green beans and watching them pop through the ground and grow for some fifty years, but I never grow tired of it.   By the way, faithful readers, I know that the way seeds sprout and grow is "science", but I've not found science to be inc...

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Abilene, Kansas
I confess, my first and original reason for stopping in Abilene was fried chicken.  I heard, by word of mouth, that the Brookville Hotel (it isn't a hotel, just a restaurant) had the best food anywhere around.  A few years ago we stopped to check it out, bu...

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Just a little road trip
I used to think Kansas was boring until I took a closer look.  If you get off the beaten path, there's plenty to see and do.  We made our first t rip to the Flint Hills in 2013 .  Even my stay-at-home husband enjoyed it to some extent: It's his policy to ne...

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Assorted stuff
It's so hard for me to dust the cobwebs off my blog and come up with something to write about.  The older I get, the less things I do; the less I do, the harder it is to find something anybody would care to read.  So, you get springtime drivel. Cliff and I ...

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Remove the label
I'm not sure what sparked the conept, but for some reason I've been thinking a lot lately about the labels we put on people.  I would really love to write a song with a title like "Remove the label".  But I lost my song-writing mojo long ago.  I'm so obsess...

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A little more Cozumel for you
First of all, let me share a video taken by my daughter.  As I've told you in other entries, Rachel and Kevin sat in the bed of the pickup because it seemed easier for Kevin, with his compromised knees, to get in and out of the bed of the truck rather than ...

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