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Donna Wood
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes..." Thoreau
"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes..." Thoreau

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More things my mother kept
Doesn't everyone keep old 1952 driver's licenses?  I see by the address that this was the time we moved to Kansas City and didn't stay long at all, perhaps a month or two. This is a letter from my mom's doctor, probably from the time Daddy's fingers and toe...

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Things my mother kept
My mom kept about anything that held a memory for her.  Most of her keepsakes were one sort of paper or another, so over the years many of them have deteriorated badly.  For instance, she kept diaries from 1930, perhaps earlier, up to 1932.  All this stuff ...

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It's been awhile
Three or four weeks ago, both Cliff and I suffered some degree of heat exhaustion and dehydration at a tractor show on a day when the temperatures were in the 90's, and I've sort of turned into a zombie ever since.  I think I'm finally getting back to my no...

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the kid cooks, and then plays.
I've been allowing our little princess to help me in the kitchen for a long time, and it's finally paying  off.  Once a week she makes pancakes with my assistance.  Nowadays she doesn't as big a mess, and goes as far as measuring some of the ingredients (po...

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"A Man Called Ove"
When I checked this digital library out on my Kindle, I didn't realize the story was set in Sweden or I wouldn't have bothered.  I know I'm narrow-minded, but I like to read a book in which the characters use the same sort of currency I'm familiar with, and...

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The Corps of Engineers Park
Sometimes Cliff and I take "our little punkin", as he calls her, for a four-wheeler ride.  Her favorite destination seems to be the little park down by the Corps of Engineers, near Napoleon.  I enjoy it myself:  It's a quiet, peaceful spot right on the bank...

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About Pawhuska, Oklahoma
"The town, originally known as Deep Ford  was established in 1872 with the reservation for the  Osage Nation , part of  Indian Territory ."  (Wilipedia) "Other than cattle ranches nearby, local employment consisted primarily of a brick plant, a creamery, an...

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Confessions of a reluctant cat lady
Throughout my teenage years, I loved cats and sneaked them in the house while my parents were both at work.  This made for a few unpleasant moments, like when my mom started getting flea-bites on her ankles.  And the time my cat had kittens on a basket of c...

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An unplanned road trip
Monday, after a day of painting various pieces of metal for the Indiana Oliver (the last tractor he intends to paint), Cliff came inside and said, "Well, I have to let this paint cure for a couple of days.  If there's anywhere you want to go, now's the time...

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Visiting the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile
I did not meet "Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond today when we visited the Mercantile.  I've read the reviews, and I knew Cliff would be a total mess if he had to wait in line for three hours (it happens) in order to get inside the Mercantile.  My research told ...
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