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Jason T. Wiser
Digital Business Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Advanced Wordpress Development | Marketing
Digital Business Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Advanced Wordpress Development | Marketing

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Our Fourth of July Sale begins NOW! (

We are going to go into more detail tomorrow about why your blog NEEDS our WordPress plugin, but it's late and it's a holiday ... so for now, we will just tell you that:

1) We are having a one-day (24 hour) sale.
2) We RARELY have sales ... like almost never.
3) It's a good sale: 30% OFF 1st-year subscriptions.
4) You will probably NEVER be offered a better deal on our plugin
5) You really should go ahead and buy it now.
6) You actually can't lose because we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.
7) We are having chicken and ribs for dinner tomorrow.
8) The coupon code is: julyfourth2017
9) It is late, we are being silly.
10) Click here >>>

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Social Sharing Plugins Can't Innovate, So They're Stealing

You know you're doing something right when your competitors flat out steal your features and even copy/paste your CSS. LOLz all day long!!!

Way to be creative +Mashshare! Completely stole the +Social Warfare user interface. #lamesauce #beinnovative

They do say that the highest form of flattery is imitation. So, consider us flattered. But also equally disgusted.

Thanks for +Andrea Whitmer finding this and sharing it with +Nicholas Cardot, +Jason T. Wiser, and myself. We had a good laugh.

Oh, and isn't +Mashshare the plugin that allows you to enter in fake share counts?

#wordpress #plugins #smh

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Do you want more on-site engagement, more page views, longer session times, and more conversions? (

Well, of course you do!

Here are 7 Easy Blog Fixes for a Better User Experience that you can implement immediately:

We recommend that you implement ALL SEVEN of these suggestions and we bet that you can do it in just an hour or two... and, we bet that your visitors will appreciate your efforts!

And, best of all, these fixes are going to help you take your blog to the next level.

Read More:

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Because nerd humor is the best humor no.37
The Dread Pirate Picard

h/t +Eli Fennell 

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Have you heard of Social Warfare Social Sharing Plugin?
Completely Refactored, Social Warfare 2.1 is a Stunner
Well, from a code standpoint anyways...

After working on a product for a while, you begin to get blind to certain things. When that happens, you need to bring in a fresh set of eyes who will help you see things that you can't. That's what we did with this update for +Social Warfare.

We brought in a consultant to go through our plugin code with a fine toothed comb and tell us where it can be improved. Boy did we get our money's worth!

Read on to see all that version 2.1 delivers.

#wordpress #plugins

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This is a very interesting new tool Google is testing.
If you are a marketing agency or a small business owner, be sure to keep your eye on this update as it develops
Google's New Social Search Posts Set to Shake Things Up

There’s a new Google social product in town, and it could shake up the world of branded search in a big way.

This new product, Posts with Google, allows brands to publish content directly onto their branded search results pages. It is a sort-of social media/blog post hybrid. It can be rich-text formatted and include media such as images, GIFs and video. Additionally, your posts live on a dedicated brand page, similar to a social media profile page or blog feed.

Have you seen Google's new social search posts in the SERPs?

#marketing #google

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Because nerd humor is the best humor no. 36
Batman v. Superman


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I give full support to the Wordfence team in this matter.
They did the right thing.
Thank you Wordfence for looking out for us.

h/t +Tim Cantrell  #wordpress  

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Google Analytics Quick Tip - and this is VERY important
So I missed +David Kutcher's Public Service announce a few months back and was going through my Analytics account to double check the settings and noticed this little box....

Better late than never

I guess I should pay more attention to David

Today's +Google Analytics PSA: excluding traffic from bots and spiders

Like many people, you've probably been super-frustrated seeing tons of warped traffic from sources you know aren't actual humans. You might even have done some crazy filtering, trying to remove them from your metrics.

But... did you know there is a checkbox setting?

Go to Admin -> View Settings, then check the box under Bot Filtering for "exclude all hits from known bots and spiders"

Don't forget to hit Save!

P.S. please share with your followers if this is the first you've heard about this :)

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It's here! Social Warfare 2.0
What do you think?
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