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Yeah I enjoy to fuck you 
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This is sorta like would you rather XD 
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Black People....


If so....the photo below depicts the most effective way to keep from being "racially profiled" by the police while cruising around in your own neighborhood!

Just look for the "FRIENDLY WHITE PEOPLE" window covers....

Soon to hit automotive stores near you!"
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don't forget about the safety of the environment and its people, otherwise there will be no earth left to live on when we are successful.

if you are successful and wealthy and the earth is destroyed, is Mankind/you really successful.

do not forget.
do not forget about what is real.
money is only an imaginery thing.
but life and the existance of mankind is a very REAL thing.

funny video.
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Why do you never see Obama doing this? 
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How do u give a speech without laughing? 
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Get BIG MONEY out of politics

What would an Oracle, as the Oracle of Delphi, a Seer, or the wisest man in the world say about these things that are presented to society today and that are happening in our world?

This makes sure that the rights of the people are protected by the Constitution of America. This is for all natural born people in the United States, that we have this right.
All citizens of the United States of America should have an equal voice in the political process.
No person or artificial entity (such as a corporation or secrt society that controls the majority of the entire Senate by means of bribes and black mail and other methods of mind control, which leads to illegal closed door sessions of Congress and the careless rudeness to let nuclear power plants be left leaking to posion the people because they have no heart, as with the environment, showing their true colors of their evil nature. Note that there is also another global sized secrt society on the commism asia side of equal power. If no secrt societies existed in the world, the world would be a better place for all people and for all life, and the Earth would be allowed to HEAL) should gain an undue influence over the government as a result of financial resources.

Money should not be allowed to control and run the government, nor should secrt societies, on either side of the globe, for capitalism or commism, be allowed to pull the strings of all people and countries and governments, and to run the world. Secrt societies were not LEGALLY elected by the people, for the people, and "because" of the people; as in the Declaration of Independence where what we want is our independence from this secrt society. Secrt societies were first formed in 500 BC, during the time of the Greeks.
Ever since, whether they claim that it is a democracy -- when that is a lie because it is really an oligarchy -- the secrt societies have been running the government. If the secrt societies were just and righteous, they would heal the Earth, not poison the people, blatantly turning their backs, and corrupting the heads of all the good orgranizations that have the potential to bring good to this earth and to protect it, life, the animals, and its people, the children of the Creator; and they should not "lie" about a fake democracy, when it never has been since 500 BC, where all poltical decisions can be manipulated or changed to their decisions instead of the votes of the people, by one means or another, but through the vessel of people to act as the vessels of evil because of their money and mind control corruption that has psychologically altered their minds.

This is to address the Declaration of Independence  whereby all men are created equal. This addresses the human inequality of society today, and of previous civilizations 2,500 years ago -- and all those inbetween.
Where it should be the people's government. Answerable to the people. But if it is answerable to the rich and WE THE PEOPLE are no longer the government, then do not call it a democracy, but instead call it what it is -- a Monarchy, controled by the royal family, whereby the oligarchy is composed of the members of the royal family. And that if the only means by which to make the final political decisions are made for a country are bound only by those humans who have royal blood, then this is still carrying on the tradition of a Monarchy based system, and that all men are NOT created equal, but are born so by royal lineage.

With government subsidies and tax breaks, the corporations pay less taxes than a common person. If the corporations paid their fair share, as they should be doing, like the WE THE PEOPLE citizens of the United States do, even though 70% of Americas are in debt and still pay higher taxes than the corporations (does that make sense, or seem, in ANY way, logical to you? That the poor should pay more taxes (percentage of income wise) than the rich? The more money that we allow these rich people to swindle us with, the stronger that this secrt society will become, politically, economically, and in every way until all of our rights and freedoms will be slowly squeezed from us just like the pennies that they take from us, one penny at a time, so that it is virtually unnoticeable, but that, over a period of hundreds of years, can produce profound effects, such as the enslavement of all humans on the earth, like endentured slaves who owed to much) then the national deficit would be paid off, and the nation's infrastructure and falling bridges could be repaired. And, at this point we could start rebuilding society and healing the land and the Earth as our Creator had intended for it to be before Man ever walked this Earth. 

Federal, state, and local governments shall be fully empowered to regulate all political contributions and expenditures to meet this goal. All political contributions and expenditures shall be publicly disclosed in a full and timely manner, which doesn't make sense why we even have to vote for this, because of the Freedom of Information Act, that allows for the government to spy on all citizens of its country and to compile files about every phone call and email that you have ever made, among other things, but that WE THE PEOPLE have to "vote" to be allowed to have access to this Freedom of Information Act for how the money is spent? The rich were able to use the Freedom of Information Act even when there hadn't been the Freedom of Information Act that was passed, but the poor common people like you and me, or anyone who has less than 1 billion dollars who are not members, have to vote to be "able" to use the Freedom of Information Act? Are these people evil or what? Oh, I see, they are paid off -- it is hushed up and quieted. But don't worry, people only "disappear" rarely to assure that their power is maintained (JFK); usually other methods are used instead to make it seem legal, like digging up dirt on someone -- a fallacy, Red Herring, distraction from the issue at hand and a blatant error in logic, but a successful ploy nonetheless.

Why do we need this Constitution of America? Why is it importaint? And what happens when, through money or otherwise, it is changed to allow for the rich to have more power over us, and not how it was originally intended by our forefathers, the founders of our nation, the United States of America, such as allowing corporations to be treated like "people". That would be as absurb as calling a million dollar bill (a peice of paper, which is the printed money of a nation, like the 1 dollar bill) a person, by the amended rights of the Constitution of America. That a 1 dollar bill has the rights of a person, as a citizen of this country, or of any life form that still yet lives on this Earth. What this does, is to make it so that dead money, or dead trees in this case, have more power than even citizens of your own country; where life in this world that is a world that is ruled by money, life and death can be bought just as a common commodity at the store or marketplace. And that when the 1 dollar bill has more rights and freedoms than even the people of its nation, then the results can be globally harmful, and will lead to higher and higher levels of poison that the rich force us to drink and to ingest; that when the world is not ruled by love instead, harmful things happen to the Earth and it people, to the children of the Creator, and to all living things on this Earth. This leads to more trees being cut down, greater pollution, and higher levels of extinction, until the entire food chain is effected. And huimans are on this food chain. So, as you can see, this addresses our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But corporations are not citizens and should not be treated like one, with the legal rights of a person. A corporation is not a person, nor is a corporation a legal citizen. By allowing corporations to have the rights of a person, they are legally able to gain certain rights, and then when it is convenient, they can also call a corporation not a single entity for blame (so they are not responsible. So then if he (the corporation) does harm to society that is illegal, who do you blame? -- you can't, says legality, because a corportation is not a person); and, as the corporation is not a person, so again, it is able to legally slip through several loopholes.

If you are wondering why we need this, then I will tell you. In the case of the Citizens United, our Supreme Court decided that those with money have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to "spend" <unlimited> and *anonymous* dollars to influence elections. It also influences legislation through the use of independent committees, organizations, and superPACs. This has had severe consequences that threaten our democratic republic.

By allowing for unlimited money to be in elections, this means that our representatives (some of them being members of the secrt society, while others are only just paid off, black mailed, or otherwise mind controlled) 
spend most of their time fundraising (there would be no need for fundraising, as the political representatives would not get paid {or their wages would be that of a common person at minimum wage for $10.50 per hour} -- so that they did it because of their heart and not the wad of money in their pocket -- in a world that was ruled by love, where society was a Utopia, a perfect society: this is one where the strength of our Maker could be felt by every person in our society, in every way, for the mind, body, and spirit; for life that allows for opportunities to bring to you, for many people to care about you, and for bridges to not collapse on you (this is a scary experience for people, this loss of love, or lack thereof, when their car starts sliding into the river), nor to have a foul poison taste in your mouth from the poison apple of nuclear waste or pollution when you eat or drink something) instead of working on real solutions to real problems, and not allowing for the 95% rich people's owned media of television and newspapers to talk instead about, to distract us with trivial insignificant issues when importaint things are at hand, or are at stake, as the case may be. This type of tactic in logic, is better known as the Red Herring strategy, and it is a method that Socrates could tell you well about, for it is an error in logic. And Plato would frown, for he would know that it is not logical, to side step, or to scapegoat the issue. These importaint issues need to be addressed.

Inorder to keep the campaign coffers filled, the time they do spend on legislation tends to serve the needs of their major donors (the very very rich, the corporations, the secrt society) -- instead of the needs of WE THE PEOPLE. Nor does this serve the well-being of our country. Most independent spending (70-80%) buys negative advertising. So why is negative advertising even allowed? In a Utopia, a world that is ruled by love, where God's heart is our champion, WE THE PEOPLE would own the media and rich people would not be allowed to own more than 5% of the media (which they could use as a 24/7, day and night, 7 days a week channel for endless advertising for consumer products to subliminally or otherwise convince us to buy, and so that it allows for the rest of television to be 100% commercial free, to erase the subliminal mind control brain washing effects that this media influences pychologically upon us, and to gain our freedom from being locked into the system, a system by which the rich/government hate and try to eliminate any and all those who are not shackled into the system, like for example, those on land that they do not pay taxes, or do not drive a car and buy gas, etc -- or for those environmentalists who get in the way of the big corporations making money because they care about the earth and it being destroyed; or for those genuis level people who are inventors and create the most marvelous things that could dramatically help society and reduce the costs of the standard of living and for everyday household items and products that we use by making these people conveniently disappear, with a wad of cash in an envelop to the significant other to quite them up; and then send the men in black suits to harass, threaten, and intimidate the rest). In a perfect society, no political advertising -- negative or otherwise -- would be allowed. In a perfect society, there would be no "representatives" representing WE THE PEOPLE, because "the people" would be the representatives instead, and could vote on "every" issue that there is in "the people's government", instead of how it is now, where WE THE PEOPLE are only "able" to vote for about 5% of the issues and the "representatives" vote for the rest.

Why is this importaint? Because negative advertising works!! -- just like any other form of subliminal brain washing mind control technique. So when WE THE PEOPLE only own 5% of the media, WE THE PEOPLE get voted out of political office by the very very rich members. Have you ever wondered why only millionaires and billionaires are the ones who ever hold political office? -- especially for the higher titles of office? It is not just coincidence, it is by design. Even without the power that the secrt society has when it pulls strings like a marriotte from ALL levels of society, with members from economically low to high and in all positions of society, money itself, used in advertising contributes to why they are elected over someone else, which says to me, that in this system of government/secrt society, or in a world that is ruled by money, a poor person will NEVER be elected as president or to "any" political office, meaning then, that all of our supposed "representatives" are not true representatives, as they represent the rich since they ARE the rich. In that, the only "true" way to truly represent the people, as in WE THE PEOPLE, where the majority of the United States are common people like you and me, would be to have ALL "representatives" that are in political office be commoners (poor people who have less than $5,000 dollars to their name, or even less, such as being in debt). Until then, this government of the people, by the people, and for the people will never be a democratic republic by WE THE PEOPLE, nor will be a free people. And until then, as long as these secrt societies rule the Earth, the Earth will be devistated and then slowly destroyed, with all life squeezed from it like the pennies from your pocket, instead of the Earth being healed.

Money represents death, decay, poison, and corruption; and world domination, Absolute Power, no rights and freedoms, an oligarchy, and the extreme debt that forces people into indentured slavery. And a democratic republic by WE THE PEOPLE represents life, hope, healing; and of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Trust me, ever since 500 BC, the secrt societies have been researching how to control and enslave the masses, and have studied the human mind and how it works and how it can be corrupted and manipulated. Ever heard of the "acid tests" or waterboarding? Allowing unlimited "dark" money in elections greatly increases negative advertising.

We are not opposed to corporations: as these are government-defined legal structures for doing business. What we are opposed to is preventing genuises from being able to release new technology to the public and to society so that it can be mass produced to help the environment with these environmental friendly products. And to encourage the rich people/corporations, as corporations are currently a person, as in the rights that they have, then WE THE PEOPLE "are the governemment" make him (the corporation), pay more taxes if they do not produce all, or a majority of their products at first, so that they are producing environmentally friendly products. And that, by meeting the environmental standards for the rating categories of: 1> the type energy that is used to produce the consumer product, 2> the biodegradability or recyclable ability of the product, 3> the amount of waste for energy or material that is made in the manufacture of this product or in the use by the consumer -- the corporations will then pay the same percentage in taxes as the common person, like you and me; otherwise, they will have to pay a higher percentage of taxes and be subject to other forms of prejudice by WE THE PEOPLE, and a it will be well documented to the public what they have done or are still doing.

Corporations should NOT be treated as equals to natural-born people, as the Supreme Court has interpreted. When unlimited political power is given to unchecked economic power -- the result is the development of a  
secrt society. And is defined by this result, which is plutocracy: this is a government by the wealthy versus the government by the people. We must clarify the difference between corporations and natural born people in the Constitution of America in order for US to reclaim our "democracy" <shhh, oligarchy>.

We are volunteers, caretakers of the Earth, who care about the Earth and the lives of its people in society and for the life on the face of the Earth. We are concerned about the monumental increase in the role of big money in determining WHO "represents" US politically. We are CONCERNED about the decisions that the dollar bill makes. They used to circulate the $10,000 dollar bill in our currency. How many people do you know use this kind of currency?

Get BIG MONEY OUT of politics!
"We the People" means PEOPLE, not corporations.

1. To use nuclear power as a nation's energy source.
[As, it is not worth the risk of a death causing pollution that lasts for 2 million years, especially since it only contributes to 10% of our nation's energy that our nation uses]
2. To build a nuclear power plant next to a river or ocean (like in Japan where it spilled into the ocean).
[never mind the danger of this poisonous pollution seeping into the water table itself! God forbid, that would just be plain inconsiderate]
3. To turn your back upon the people, living creatures, and the Earth -- your people and the citizens of your nation when pollution is spilled and nuclear waste is leaking out into the earth and into the river; by the Hand of God, as the vessel of God's spirit, for the Works of God here on this Earth, and blatantly refuse to clean it up, even when it is presented as a legal matter?
[You'd have to be evil to intentionally poison your people]
4. When other forms of environmentally sound energy are available, to use nuclear power instead.
5. To cause the people of this Earth to become mutant creatures because of this nuclear contamination, and then have a good excuse because of this to wipe out all the common people, or the "peasants" as they call us behind closed doors.
6. Allow for the secrt societies to grind the Earth into environmental oblivion, destroying the food chain, and all life on Earth.
7. To allow for the secrt society to control our mind, our actions, our thoughts -- to control our rights and freedoms to the point where we will eventually have none; and to prevent the voice of the people, or for the people to even be allowed to talk, or to think. This is called Absolute Power.
[Just as obedient slaves, they prefer us to not think or question, to not talk, but to only mindlessly obey. That is what they prefer]
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What a sad reality. Seems people are just living their own selfish lives & they just dont care ! Look at all our veterans killing themselves & the homeless! What really pisses me off is Obama bringing in all these foreigners takin the jobs of the American people! Also becoming friends with a socialpath murderer Fidel Castro what a seriously stupid & dangerous person Obama truly is. I live in Miami *& all we have here is Cubans & Haitians im not racist but a lot of these people complain & say bad things about our country plus their full of hate! I hate the fact of these people are here i wish they would go back to where they came from
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Cancer survivor. Most say I'm funny?
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