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Questions to online sellers. My pals and myself are gonna be opening a "shop". This in hopes to one day opening our brick and mortar store but currently we just pick and resell at cons and privately.

Is ebay really the best online outlet?

Any organizational tools or software you use?

Any other advice?

Edit for being vague. So I just got an email from goodman games saying that I am one of the unlucky ones who wont be getting there silver foil kickstarter fulfilled and I have to choose another option. I was give the choice of getting something the same price or I could choose a higher tier with a 10% discount (which I was a little irked by TBH)

so my question should of been anyone else on here get the sad email that wont be getting the silver foil edition and what did they choose as an option. I just moved across country and don't really have the option for the higher end items.

This was the basic KS pricing:
$40 blue cover
$60 Mullen (even trade)
$80 Mullen + slipcase
$120 real leather

I guess my best option might be the Mullen Variant since its an even trade. 

Uncharted movie is moving forward. Be on the lookout for those comics guys 

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So starting with issue #10 Creeps will finally be distributed by diamond. The first issue can be purchased for around $20-30 and can be purchased for around $20 on the companies website (#2 for $10).

This title has been great for horror junkies and the odd purchase options have kept the print run lol. I expect #10 to have a higher print and have way more awareness now that diamond has officially picked them up.

I think #1 could be a fantastic long term hold and even if it doesnt catch fire it is an incredibly fun book. Im sure decent priced copies will dry up soon for the first couple issues. 
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Since I have seen some discussion here about Star Wars I thought I would make a quick primer here for those seeking out some keys and 1st appearances in the new continuity.

A large part of this has been ported over from reddit user theonlynoah and edited and changed by myself.


Obi & Anakin #4: Unamed Sith Lord cameo

Darth Maul Son of Dathomir- Last and Only official Dark Horse canon books. 1-4 have a pretty low print run and the variants are still available for an ok price. The Trade fetches an insane price and a Marvel reprint is doubtful. These books should be on every ones radar. Fan or not, The new maul series comes out soon and this has really great potential.

Kanan #1: First appearance of Kanan Jarrus (Caleb Dume), Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, Sabine Wren, C1-10P (Chopper), and Depa Billaba/Clone Troopers execute Order 66

Kanan #2: 1st Janus Kasmir, Death of Depa Billaba
Kanan #5: Low Print run
Kanan#6: Rebels cast all together.
Kanan #7: 1st Yoda new Canon
Kanan #10: cameo Fenn rau
Kanan #12: 1st Rae Sloane & Inquisitor

Leia #1: 1st Admiral Ackbar and Evaan Verlaine in new canon
Leia #2: 1st Bail Organa in new canon
Leia #3: 1st Nien Numb in new canon

Star Wars #1 1st Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader in new canon
Star Wars #4: 1st Sana Starros and Mon Mothma new canon
Star Wars #7 1st Obi Wan Journal
Star Wars #9 1st Grakkus the Hutt/ Sana Starros on Cover
Star Wars #19: 1st Imperial Forces task Force
Star Wars Annual #1: 1st Eneb Ray

Darth Vader #1: 1st Jabba the Hutt, General Tagge, Cylo, Boba Fett, and Black Krrsantan in new canon
Darth Vader #3: 1st Dr Aphra, Triple Zero, & BT-1 Lower print run
Darth Vader #4: Anakin & Padme flashback
Darth Vader #5 Morit Astarte, Aiolin Astarte, Karbin, and Tulon Voidgazer, Cylo
Darth Vader #6: Luke is Vader's Son reveal
Darth Vader #7: 1st Bossk new canon
Darth Vader #8: 1st Inspector Thanoth
Darth Vader #15: Death of karbin
Darth Vader #19: Death of Aiolin Astarte
Darth Vader #20: Death of Inspector Thanoth
Darth Vader #22: Death of Tulon Voidgazer
Darth Vader #23 Death of Morit Astarte
Darth Vader #25 Death Grand General Tagge, Death Cylo

Lando #1: 1st Lando and Lobot in new canon

Shattered Empire #1: 1st Shara Bey, and Kes Dameron,

Poe Dameron #1: 1st Poe Dameron, BB-8, Lor San Tekka, and Black Squadron (Resistance), including Snap Wexley and L'ulo
Poe Dameron #2: 1st Agent Terex and Captain Phasma

Force Awakens #1: 1st Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey, and General Hux
Force Awakens #3: Supreme Leader Snoke and Maz Kanata, Death of Han Solo.

I hope this helps some people trying to find some key issues, If there is any interest I will do a variant and print run version also.

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Spoiler free: Rogue 1 has minimal spec value on the surface. I wouldnt rush out and gobble up books unless something substantial surfaces. 

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Rogue One is 10 days away and some possible really cheap specs.

Star Wars Shattered Empire features Poe Damerons Parents (who play a large role in the Battle of Endor ) and can be found below cover price on the secondary markets.

Dr Aphra comes out this week of course at cover price and as a long shot could be featured in the film.

Kanan as a series has a ton of firsts:
#1 is the 1st of app of Kanan
#2 1st app Janus Kasmir
#7 1st Yoda in new Cannon
#10 Cameo Fenn Rau
#12 1st for both The Grand Inquisitor and Rae Sloane

These are all fairly inexpensive and of course have a ton of variants. All these are kind of long shots but I still think they have some legs based on price. Don't sleep on Kanan #12 for Rae Sloane, she has a really big role in the new cannon and has appeared in a ton of the media.

What do you guys think?
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Just got the paranoia stuff from +Tim Snider​. Really generous and they look great. I'll be sure to pass along that kindness. 
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