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Holding back the storm
I love my view of the Wind River Mountain Range.  It's been interesting to watch the high peaks holding back the storm clouds from advancing into the valley.  I think the mountains have been getting quite a bit of snow lately...and that will be a big help f...

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A touch of green
It's been unseasonably warm and quite a treat to be outside in some sunshine again.  Yea!  I noticed that a big juniper bush which I was afraid I might lose, is getting it's "green" back.  It appears it will survive.  Most all the others have not, so I'm th...

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It's a Monday
No pictures today... For some reason, my phone/camera will not show up on the screen to download pictures.  I guess it's finally time to take the computer in to the shop and have it looked at/updated. Anyway, I was watching the clouds as they move in from t...

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Brickless off the needles
After some long rows of purple, the Brickless is finally off the needles.  Here it is blocked and drying. That's a mighty colorful towel behind it, eh?  About the worst way to photograph the scarf! One of my friends stopped by and saw it drying; she said it...

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Slow going on the needles
The Brickless Scarf is slowing coming along; I just haven't spent a lot of time the last few days clicking the needles.  However, the purple is becoming more prominent.

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Fresh leaves
I was looking at one of my favorite house plants which seems to be doing pretty well in its present spot.  Right now it gets lots of indirect light, but as the sun comes around more to the west, I may have to find a new spot. I noticed the leaves were looki...

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Colored pencils
I'm giving it a try. Yes, I found my colored pencils, but had to buy another box just to get a few more necessary colors.  I also bought some kind of colored pens, but haven't opened them yet to see how they will work.  I thought that since I started with a...

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At sunset
I've noticed some beautiful sunsets over the mountains lately.  I should have used my camera, rather than my phone for this shot; a sunset gives you so little time to get the right equipment at hand!

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Coloring Book
When I was a the lighthouse in October, one of my friends brought along three adult coloring books.  I had never seen them before, and they were beautiful images to color.  I don't remember too much coloring going on, because we had so many other things we ...

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Progress in purple
I finally reached the color change in this skein of yarn.  Yahoo.  The Brickless scarf is coming right along, but because I continue to add more stitches to the needles, it is taking considerably longer to complete a few rows!  I'm liking the transition to ...
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