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Alan Ernesto Phillips
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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Democrat Lawmakers whom BETRAYED our own Party and Constituents… GO BERNIE SANDERS!!!*
It's easy to tell your voters and your party that you're for voter rights, campaign finance reform, puppies, angels, and other issues without pending legislation. However, when it comes time for real votes on real legislation affecting all Americans, Senator Bennet is a Democratic Senator from Colorado who votes on behalf of corporate interests. TPP?…
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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CONGRESS needs to get active about urgent Family Law, CPS, DCSS and Foster "Care" INDUSTRIES reforms!

PLEASE, sign and/or Share - for the children being wrongfully ripped away from Protective Parents…
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I don't like signing petitions. I want to help end this atrocity. What can I do to help?
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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Cast YOUR vote in C-Span Dems-Debate Poll!
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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Have him in circles
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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Chevron, Exxon, Gulf, Shell, their paid politicians, corporate Oil-Slaves, et al…  They are ALL the same!
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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Perhaps it's time for the Right Wing Nut Job Haters,
 to get a little perspective?  ;-)
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Brilliantly illustrated. Couldn't have said it better!
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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I just signed a petition to His Holiness, Pope Francis: Pope Francis is coming to Washington, D.C. to canonize Junipero Serra as a Saint. It is imperative he is enlightened to understand that Father Serra was responsible for the deception, exploitation, oppression, enslavement and genocide of thousands of Indigenous Californians, ultimately resulting in the largest ethnic cleansing in North America. The reality of the California Mission sys...
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shared !
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Alan Ernesto Phillips

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A 14 year-old daughter and big sister, was ILLEGALLY ABDUCTED nearly 3 years ago, no abuse, no neglect, just false accusations and retaliating court-appointed colluders - no contact allowed.

Today, is DAY 1048 - the 3rd Christmas was stolen from us by FamLaw Industrialists

March 12 will be her 18th Birthday, fourth Birthday stolen from her father and 11 year old little sister (who has lived primarily with me for over eight years), as a result of false accusations, and by corrupt & collusive Family Law Industrialists - into the the third year I have not been allowed to have my oldest child at home for the celebrations of life, peace and togetherness.


JACK "The Family-RIPPER" HALPIN disgraced his community for the last time: on 12/18/12 CA Chief Justice hands Halpin his stinking Pink Slip!!

CA Jury Rules: 

FAMILY LAW INDUSTRIALISTS are GUILTY for Retaliating Against a Brave Court Whistle-blower

Family Law Judge turns whistle-blower!!:

"DIVORCE CORP." is out this Jan 10th!!

A film by James Scurlock - of "Maxed-Out" fame - profiles parents and families damaged by the FAMILY LAW INDUSTRY. It was a pleasure for me to be interviewed by James for that film, and help expose - IMHO - the most vile and cor-rupt JACK HALPIN, TIMOTHY VAN SCHOOTEN, MARIE DIMMICK, VERLIN K. JOHNSON, BRENDA BECKER, BOB McKINNON THERAPY, RAENNA FISHER, et al!

FRESNO BEE 8/13/12

CNN iReport on JACK HALPIN and the collusive AOC/JC/CJ

Judge Steven Jahr gets to do the HALPIN double-dipping salary PLUS full retirement and plush benefits...


Actor/activist ED ASNER lends his celebrity and heart to help right the wrongs of the often corrupt & heartless, FAMILY LAW INDUSTRY!!

(from althepal55 on YouTube)

Other News:

Go to YouTube, search for althepal55... watch. Come back and read, or scroll below for some helpful links: Good Luck to you and your dear ones.

My story...

Imagine for just a moment, that you are a darn good, loving, protective parent. Then... "It" happens: Someone has abducted your child!  Be they pedophile or Family Court professional, how would YOU feel.  Especially when those who around you simply say that it must have been YOUR fault - YOU must have done something wrong or that would not have happened.

For the past three years I wanted to send my daughter a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a Valentine's Day card, yet I fought the strong need to fatherly-connect again and again and again with my abducted daughter. 

Had I done so, under Shasta County "judge" Jack Halpin, and HRH's collusive Mediator/ED, Timothy VanSchooten (and other Judicial enablement), I would have certainly gone to jail and/or fined for contempt.  I actually feared for sending my own child, holiday and atta-girl cards for nearly two years now...

I am a good citizen, a parenting educator, youth counselor and a good, loving father who lives in constant, protracted fear and heartbreak, and I have no confidence in our Judiciaries and collusive Family Law Industries to act in the true, "Best Interest of our Children: "Anymore!

Today, is DAY 1048, and "I state": Since my oldest daughter (now 17) was "abducted" a year and a half ago by a "troubled" yet conveniently vindictive and manipulative-mother with the collusive FAMILY LAW INDUSTRY, as enabled by mediation ED, the AOC, Judicial Council, and even the recent Presiding judge and Chief Justice. 

I have strong instincts to protect all our children: And for the past two and a half years - under unrelenting retaliation by the Shasta County Family Law Industrialists - I have been a charged, passionate, Family-Law/Court-Reform Activist... and Filmmaker. Please feel free to view our new short subject films at althepal55 on YouTube!  Our feature documentary should be released nationally in, 2012.  

[Please, feel welcome to forward down to the active support links below if you would rather not read my sad yet almost unbelievable story!]

I am a proud father of two wonderful and loving daughters (now 11 & 17), and I have been a passionate professional community-enrichment specialist for over 20 years in Shasta County, CA. 

My oldest daughter enjoyed a 50/50 parenting plan for many years (alternating weeks). My youngest daughter has lived primarily with me for over seven years. While not illegal in California, after her mother had "extra-curricular activities" and decided to willfully leave our child to my care while she started "a new life" with her Marine boyfriend: Bygones, I said. 

Our kids have two different moms, who were once the most bitterest of enemies while I was married (and that hate-filled- intensity should have been a clue for me).  Both ex's are now exceedingly hateful of me and can afford to have attorneys.  I am a single dad, living at poverty-level without the luxury of competent, ethical legal representation locally.  

Over the past 15 years hopelessly lost in the Family Law meat-grinder under "judge" Jack Halpin, I have spent what could have been my children's college funds for attorneys & therapists who either cheated me or milked me dry and withdrew when my money was completely gone. 

There was one good attorney who left our county because she was a GOOD attorney and wouldn't practice un-ethically (GOD! I miss that good, ethical, child-focused human being!)  Now, the current issues:

The clearly fumbling, always unkempt and smelling like a bad alcohol-hangover, stumbling and demented, 85 year old, 19-YEAR veteran "Assigned Judge," Jack Halpin (and his various and officers/enablers) including the Court-appointed mediator and Executive Director, Timothy Van Schooten, and fellow boozer Verlin Kay Johnson, they all refused to admittedly read or investigate my properly filed, opposing declaration, highly credible witnesses and evidence... 

NO ABUSE nor NEGLECT charges were ever filed!  

The base claim was, that I am "too strict a father." and: 

1.) After receiving an e-mail alert from a teacher, I required my daughter to stay up until 10:15PM, one night, to complete a high-grade assignment that she had hidden, and was due the next day.

2.) After my daughter threw a four year old tantrum refusing to do her chores, engaging my youngest daughter in matters of the court, and for disrespectfully shouting, "My mom says I don't have to listen to you and that I need to stand up to you more!" and the like, I stood her and her tantrum in the corner for a while to cool off (I do not believe in corporal punishing).

3.) That I personally delivered a hidden homework assignment to her class at school (a known consequence). When I announced my intentions to the school receptionist the Principal of the school said, "Wow... I wish we had more dads like you... I'll go you one better and give you a principal's escort to class." 

4.) A baseless and false claim by my daughter's mom that I grounded our daughter for 6 months. Completely false.  It probably seemed like it when she had to be grounded for a few days sometimes.

I smelled alcohol on this man in court right after he patted me on the back while disingenuously telling me what a "really great dad" he thought I was and that he thought "we could work through the misunderstandings" in the hallway of the courthouse, Court-appointed MINOR"S ATTORNEY, Verlin Kay Johnson (see for his pic!) told the "judge" the above claims as, quote, "...were too demeaning to a child of 14 and are kinda-like emotional abuse."

I did not report him for smelling like he was under the influence in the court... I was very scared and didn't want to upset the judge, also a booze-hound - I will regret that for a very long time.

see Verlin Kay Johnson here: 

Without the "judge" reading or even considering my properly filed responsive declarations, verbal position and requests; without the Court-appointed "mediator" reading or investigating my side of the case, without the Court-appointed "therapist", Marie Dimmick, all refused to consider or investigate my properly filed evidence and highly credible witnesses: AS REQUIRED BY LAW 

Specifically, I challenge that  "mediator/ED" Tim Van Schooten, "the rapist" Marie Dimmick and "judge" Jack Halpin VIOLATED California Family Code 3011, Canons and the codes of Conduct for Mediators and Therapists under rules 5.210, 5.215 and 5.220

Three past Presiding Judges have read my ongoing (three year old) complaints, and all those Judges politely thank me for my letters yet redirect me to the AOC or the Assigned Judges program... to no avail and further protraction of an illegally got family estrangement. Their politeness and procedural subterfuge must be like a sorbet to them, cleansing their guilty pallet of self-protection.

In retaliation for my activism for truth and child-focused fairness, I was ordered to have no contact with my own child, and no contact between the siblings... unbelievably cruel.

I requested three-way counseling with a good therapist who was already very case-intimate and knowledgeable about previous substantiated incidents of Parental Alienation (PAS) and refusals of the mom to engage in family/co-parenting sessions ordered by a different slightly fairer judge, Stephen Baker.  "Judge" Halpin, however, was purely punitive, refused, and I was ordered to only have contact under the case-foreign "therapist" supervision. A professional only interested in coldly protracting the case further.

Parental Alienation is defined as where one parent has turned his or her children against the other parent, destroying or attempting to destroy the loving bonds the children and the target parent once enjoyed. 

PAS is a common, well-documented phenomenon that is the subject of numerous studies and articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Sadly, mothers,  fathers and even the COURTS can be perpetrators and/or enablers of Parental Alienation, and it can cause severe disruption and clinical depression in families... 

BUT: the true victims, are always the children.

We were called back into court for a formal Mediation Session on June 22, 2011 for a "formal mediation session." It only lasted about 17 minutes because the "mediator," Tim Van Schooten, stated that since the "therapist" hadn't turned in her "report" to him, he didn't feel confident to continue the session, had to cut it short, and that he may need to reschedule for another time.  The "therapist's" and "mediator's" report and recommendations were turned in to the "judge" immediately after, and just a few days before the return from mediation hearing. NO FULL FORMAL MEDIATION WAS EVER RESCHEDULED nor CONDUCTED.  I had only  three days to look at the very biased and absurd documents without counsel.

One month, two months, three months, four go by and the therapist did not call me in but for one session and discussion (mostly about money and case policies). She had several with our daughter. But when I politely asked what the heck was going on, the "therapist" stated that my daughter said she didn't feel safe being in a therapeutic session with me yet.... BUT, that my daughter only wanted some of her personal possessions sent to her from our home. 

The "Therapist," the "Minor's Attorney" and the "Mediator" all formally required that request in court filed documents. No visits, supervised or otherwise with my own daughter. No contact allowed!

The concept of PARENTAL ALIENATION is laughed at in Shasta County - and Jack Halpin actually rolled his eyes in contempt of my respectfully sharing that PAS was a troubling concern in our case.  

It seems Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is easier to be considered a junk science by judges as it takes more time to investigate.  It also flies in the face of mediators, therapists and judges whom prefer to select their own facts and churn money-making cases!  King Solomon would surely be saddened.

All have denied me due process guaranteed under Family Law Code 3011 to maintain frequent, healthy contact with my child.  To punitively isolate a child, rendering her FATHERLESS in absence of abuse or neglect is cruel and criminal. 

Because I have been exercising my constitutional rights to civilly speak out against Family Court Criminality, reprisals have been meted out with unjust judicial obstruction of the most sacred fatherhood of my children: and other children and families, I'm sure..

BUT, it does add to the payrolls:  

Jack Halpin retired 19 years ago with a Platinum Parachute - full pension and benefits.  After only TWO YEARS ON THE BENCH! ON TOP OF THAT he has been getting extra tax-payer dollars for 18-YEARS for a special program only designed to afford 30 to 60 DAYS of extra, part-time tax-payer funded work.

For over a year and a half, our hearts have been on hold because we can not afford an attorney... we can not mourn our significant loss... my little 11-year old and I walk with three shadows.

Today is the 1048th day since my wonderful then-14-year old daughter was illegally abducted and ALIENATED from her little, 9-year old sister and me, with a "no contact" order still in force… In March will be her 18th Birthday; the 4th one to be stolen from her father and little sister.

That means, under fired-in-disgrace EX-judge Jack Halpin, "judge" Gregor Gaul, et al, if I even send a greeting card to my child - I would most probably have go to jail for contempt of court... My oldest daughter missed her 15th Birthday two years ago (Quinceañera for our Latino heritage) and her 16th & 17th Birthday ...  She, her little sister and I were forced, by this corrupted court and cross-systems colluders, to miss those lifetime highlights as well as a 3rd Christmas: today… soon losing a 4th Easter, and a 4th Father's Day with my own daughter... SHAME on them all!

"Best Interest of the Child?"  

What a crock of crap - and cruel, pure evil - under the color of law!

For TRULY honorable, active support and more info, forget about the judges and Family Law Industrialists - honor does not live there any more... It is only "honor amongst thieves."  Go instead to the blog.



Smelling my blood in the water all the way down to her beautiful Southern California residence... my ex wife and her attorney have just filed for custody of our 9-year old child (who has lived primarily with me for over 6 years) by leveraging the protracted (unresolved) and illegal removal of my oldest child as a basis for her claim.  The knives stuck in my back now twist... while my youngest daughter comes back home after a visit with her mom saying, "Dad? My mom says that you took me away from her and made me have to live with you. I think it is in my best interest to live with my mom now..."  Yeahhh... very childlike...  Same campaign as the other mother, same mediators, same judge, same recipe for abduction by court.  While it may be too late for my kids and their father it might not be too late for you...


11/21/11... Halpin, et al, are at it again...

12/ 5/11... I wait again and again...

12/25/11... and again... on 11/21/11 "mediator" Ruth Andrews did not accept the therapist who was already case-intimate with my youngest daughter's situation  [EXACTLY what "mediator/ED Tim VanSchooten did with my oldest daughter... see the pattern?].  Ms. Andrews instead ordered that we go to "a friend" of hers named, Brenda Becker, LMFT, in Redding, CA. 

Biased "mediator" Ms. Andrews ordered me not to contact Ms. Becker until one week after my daughter's mom made first contact. I called and called, requested case start-up. Nothing so far... I was instructed to wait, again, until after the mom makes contact THIS week (12-26)... 

I am still waiting... and our 9-year old daughter still awaits for urgently NEEDED coping strategy for (alleged, by me) Parental Alienation since I FIRST requested help from Jack Halpin, et al, for her last March!!

1/ 3/12 No feedback from the "new" the rapist...

1/ 4/12 I called again no feedback...

1/11/12 ...ditto...

1/20/12 ".... uhhhh, I'm not sure what we were working on, uhhhhhh, " blah fricken Blah!  That from a so-called therapist who has been lost in action for over TWO MONTHS!  Just s few days before a mediation appointment where the "mediator" relies on the recommendation...

1/24/12 Therapist Becker calls to state that she is scheduling a meeting with the mom and our daughter just hours before or mediation session. But!  I am not in the mix!  Shasta County Family Law... go figure any oversight or SC help for these kids is truly in their best interest.

2/23/12 Mediator "Becky" Andrews makes ANOTHER referral to Raenna Fisher and intern with Bob & Lisa McKinnon Therapy group; mediator Andrews assures me that Ms. Fishers "pecializes with young children..."

4/17/12 After two meetings, the child specializing Ms. Raenna Fisher (MFTI, Redding CA) states that she wants to refer my needy daughter to someone else who specializes in children. That due to McKinnon Therapy Group not being ergonomically set up for young children, we needed to go elsewhere...

Where's the ethics?  BBS should know...

...we continue to wait in the Family Law meat-grinder without the "Best Interest of the Child" being acted upon... passed around to the experts who charge handsomely for the most negative outcomes... The very SAME pattern that lead up to my first daughter being abducted...


"judge" Gregory Gaul seems to be worse than Halpin was... towing the line of retaliation rather than serving FL 3011... He's now preying on my 9 year old. He made me try my own case - in pro per - while I was under a doctor's care and under the influence of a very strong narcotic for severe pain.  That doesn't seem very fair to me... Hopefully he will improve... nope. He bailed and went into criminal & corporate law.

Okay, there's plenty more... but enough about our pains... What about YOURS?

Please feel welcome/share, to go to: althepal55?feature=mhee

http://www.familycourtreform. org/ 09/cjp-investigation- of- judge- lisa-schall- heats- up- citizen- input- sought/ comment- page-1/# comment- 19157

http://judicialcouncilwatcher. 03-02/news/family-court- parental-alienation- syndrome- richard-gardner- pedophilia- domestic- violence-child- abuse- judges-divorce/ 13/slide-show-protests- at- redding-courthouse/

http://judicialcouncilwatcher. 13/ 34- days-sacrificing- the- credibility-of-a- whole- organization-over- a-few-bad- apples/ althepal55?feature=mhee# p/ a/ u/ 0/e9c7QXGPJKA


35 CPS-Related Child-Deaths in 75 Days!

CPS, Courts, State MUM on why... news/local/state-wont- answer- questions-about- caseloads- after-/nJG2P/

Actress Rhea Perlman on System-raised, corn-fed Childrens. rhea-perlman/post_2984_ b_ 1269656.html?ir=San% 20Francisco

"Data Pharming!" 2011/12/21/42453.htm 2011/10/27/donald- thompson- penis-pump-judge_ n_1035274. html article/20111006/NEWS/ 111009879&parentprofile=search


http://www.experienceproject. com/groups/Lost-My- Children- To-Parental- Alienation/ 160766

Fathers & Families



Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute:

On Dehumanizing Latinos by Corporations and some politicians:

  “Shooting Illegal Immigrants ‘Like Pigs'  Is No Laughing Matter” 04/opinion-shooting- illegal- immigrants-like- pigs-no- laughing-matter- part-1/ 11/opinion-shooting- illegal- immigrants-like- pigs-no- laughing-matter- part-2/

For more stories, reports and articles by Alan: alan-ernesto-phillips/ 

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Proud father of two wonderful daughters (11 & 17); a son of Shasta County; Telly and Clio award-winning writer/producer/director, received a commendation from the CA state Attorney General for pro-parenting, anti-gang and drug videos. I am proudly of Latino and Pipil tribe (Native Central American) heritage.
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    Chemical Dependency Studies
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