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Eighth Grade
In eighth grade I felt
that friends were the most important element for maintaining life. Not food, or
water, not even air. It was having a group of friends. Now, of course this is
just like all thirteen year olds. So, this statement is not ground breaking,...

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To Sleep; To Read
I need a book to read. Since February I have been re-reading the Harry Potter series. From "Mr.
and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they
were perfectly normal, thank you very much." All the way to "all was
well."  Several ...

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Sliding Through Summer
My roommate, Mike
mentioned it yesterday. That summer was mostly over. “It is not!” I quickly
replied. Then, I started to think about summer and realized that he’s kind of
correct, we are past the half-way point. Sliding through the sun going down at
9pm st...

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A dark and Stormy Night
It was show time at our house last night. The performance
began right after midnight. A storm blew in and with it came thunder and
lighting. It was amazing as I had not witnessed thunder and lightning happen exactly
in the same instant since I moved from Te...

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I need a Beret
I once again find myself in that seemingly unending process.
Attempting to find college classes that sync up. Sync up with each other (as in
two on a Monday / Wednesday schedule) and match my work schedule. In case you haven’t enrolled in university classes...

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Pride Fest came and went. There comes a time where you can
fall into a feeling where you just believe that pride festivals are for the youngins.   Yes, I remember my first pride. I can tell you
all the pride events after that, and how much sun block and alc...

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I changed my college major. Again. I know I have changed my major roughly nine-hundred times
since George H. W. Bush was in the Whitehouse and
I started my path of higher education.   This
time I’m going to stick to it. I can state this declaration mostly b...

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It started on our trip to California. The BF and I went to Universal
Studios to visit Harry Potter world. Now I have written extensively on the subject of my
crippling fear of roller coasters. On this particular trip I was feeling down,
mostly because it wa...
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