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It's Not A Name, But a Lifestyle
It's Not A Name, But a Lifestyle

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HI Dolls,
Wanna Know The Top 5 Tools Every Female Should have on Hand??
Swing On By my Blog To Find Out What They are!! #tools  

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5 Tools Every Female Should Have
Hi Dolls, Welcome Back !!! Now this might be an odd post to write about but I think its what every lady should know about. I was helping my hubby with putting his tools away from the long day of  house work. Now we all know things tend to break randomly and...

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Are you looking for a fun ne way of eating stuff shells Come See How To Make This Awesome Dish swing on by Now!!! #Pasta #food   #lifestyleblog   #recipe   #howtomake  

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Chicken Salad Stuff Shells Recipe
Hi Doll's Welcome Back!!! I am back with another rocking twist to one of my favorite's, and to no surprise it's a pasta dish!! you all thought I was kidding when I said "my love for pasta runs deep." Today we are going to be making chicken salad stuff shell...

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How To Decorate each Month On the cheap
Hi Dolls, I'm Going to show you a very simple way to Decorate each month without spending alot of money, Now who Doesn't love the sound of That ?? I love to Decorate for each season/ Holiday but my problem is  I really don't have the space and I have Cats a...

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DIY- Treat Bag into Flat Bag
Hi Dolls, Welcome Back!!! Do you Have a bunch of those treat Bags laying around Like I do? OK fess up cause I know you do lol. I found a way to reuse them in a different way  just by changing there shape, how cool is that right!   Now instead of having thos...

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Simple Steps To Set Up A Welcome Table For Guests
 Hi Dolls, We all have guest at some point in time. As the hostess It Is our job to make them feel like they are welcome. Now for some this might be easy and for others It might not be your thing,  But with these simple steps you can make your guest feel ri...

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Unique Places To Visit while your in Michigan #1: Silver Bells Christmas Shoppe
Hi Dolls, I am going to be introducing you to a lil series where I give you the inside scoop on places to visit or foods to eat while your in our great state better know as Michigan. Some of these might be obvious but others are little hidden treasures that...

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New Blogpost Up
Swing On By To Find Out How To Make your Own Tomato Cages
#TomatoCages   #Tomato   #DIY   #plants   #lifstyle  

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DIY Tomato Cages
Hi Dolls, Welcome Back!! We started our garden last year and it was quite a learning experience. With the new season we did things a little diffirent.  We extended our garden, We laid down plastic to lock moisture and keep the weeds out, which to my surpris...
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