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Gamer, computer enthusiast, lesser technical nut
Gamer, computer enthusiast, lesser technical nut

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Successfully reconfigured a RAID 0 setup at work for the first time today, with no prior familiarity, other than a vague idea of the basic concepts of RAID configurations and the hardware and settings involved. Went relatively smoothly, and left me a tiny bit hungry for knowledge.

I'm considering building my next computer with a RAID setup, and wanted to discuss choices and reasons therefore with someone who's fairly familiar. Software, on-board, or PCI express RAID card, and why? Is there any sense in going with a RAID0 or RAID5 involving SSDs, or is the benefit too minor over traditional HDDs to be of any value?

Some days, I feel like Sherlock, or House, or The Doctor. Some days, I feel like the slightly mentally damaged but we'll intentioned five year old child "helping" Dad in the shop. Today, it's Sherlock.

A QA engineer walks into a bar. He orders 1 beer. He orders 0 beers. He orders 9999999 beers. He orders 0.0799999 beers. He orders -1 beers. He orders a lizard. He orders a nhjukidesuwhg.

TL;DR: Chinese activists are angry about something dumb, and it's dumb.

So at work this morning, on the news blurb screen was a bit on a photo of Zuckerberg angering Chinese activists. The reason? He had a book on governance written by their dictator president.

I've read an English translation of Mein Kampf. Even if someone took a picture of me reading it, even if I were also in some position of perceived power, I somehow doubt it would make a whole lot of Jewish, homosexual, black, or gypsy people particularly angry at me.

Reading something written by an author with a questionable (or unquestionably horrible) past or methods does not make the reader that person, or necessarily anything like that person. I don't care for basically anything I hear about Zuckerberg or what Facebook does and doesn't do, but this is beyond ridiculous.

So that was Noragami. Mixed feelings about season 1. I don't like wading through half a season before a lead character shows any redeeming qualities, and Yato irritated me nearly to the point of abandoning it.

That said, episode 9 wrecked me.

Retail says: Be happy with everything except what you own.
Travel says: Be happy anywhere but where you are.
Beauty says: Be happy looking like anyone else.
Society says: Be happy as anyone but you.

I'm happy where I am, with what I own, looking as I do, being me. What's wrong with that? Everything, apparently, and I'm happy with that, too.

Ok, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, for all your myriad flaws, you win just for acknowledging the elephant in the room and answering the question.

"Come to think of it, why are all you mental models girls? There aren't any guys?"

"You humans refer to ships as feminine objects in official documents. Doesn't that indicate ships are female?"

"Huh? That's the only reason?"

"The only reason."

Today's menu grammar irritation: whip versus whipped.

Whip cream is something you do. Whipped cream is the product that is produced. That is all.

Hooray! I get to wake up at quarter 'till sunrise tomorrow and throw $600 at my mechanic instead of going to see my girlfriend and sleeping in until I feel like it!

Now leaving Sarcasm, population: me.

Being an adult sucks. Who wants to build a fort out of cardboard boxes and pillows instead?

[TL;DR: Scott is a grumpy bear this morning]

Today's peeve: appointments.

Whether you're going to the clinic, the dealership, or any of a dozen other places, they want you to make one. What the hell is the point of having one, if you arrive on time and they tell you it'll be 2 hours before they can fit you in? Wasn't that supposed to be the point of making the appointment? I can walk in with none and get the same speed of service.

You do not need 3 hours to change my oil. I can do it in 30 minutes without the lift and extra equipment, and could do it in 12 when I was working at a dealer.

A doctor's appointment isn't really an appointment with the doctor. It's an appointment for the paperwork that they time budget 90 minutes for, but can be finished in 10. It's an appointment with the waiting room, and appointment to spend an hour each on two to four flunkies, each of whom will spend no more than 5 minutes dealing with you. THEN the doctor (or RN, or NP) will grace you with their presence and knowledge.

If I was paid my going rate while waiting, these places would often as not be paying me to come for an appointment.
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