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To See or Not to See: The Thing!

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New blog post! Top 10 Film Explosions!!!

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New blog post about a cool podcast I saw: "A Thought on Zuckerman's Thoughts on the Thoughts of Wise People." If nothing else check out the link to the podcast, it's very cool.

New film review of The Debt! I loved this movie!

Merriam-Webster: Iniquity-- 1: a gross injustice or wickedness. 2: a violation of right or duty; wicked act; sin. 3: Domain name transfers.

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Check out "Fried: Rules of the Chicken," Part II of "Foodfight: the Double Feature."

Working on some sweet editing techniques. Downloading Adobe After Effects CS5 Free trial for composting testing. First step, putting a space ship in the skies above my apartment complex!

Trying this out in my continual effort to become a better social networker and take advantage of the benefits therein.
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