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Peter Rogers
Absurdly quotidian. Curiously verbose. Utterly confused.
Absurdly quotidian. Curiously verbose. Utterly confused.

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Best Before September 22
Best Before September 22  This summer playlist has been inspired mostly by film and television. Everything here appeared in or was inspired by either Gardens of the Vol. 2 , Master of None , High Maintenance or Halt and Catch Fire . There have been plenty o...

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Seen in… May
Seen in… May  Aziz Ansari and friend in Master of None Season 2 In a month that began with Hot Docs Film Festival I watched exactly three movies, only one of which was a documentary. So much for best laid plans and such. It was a decidedly introverted movie...

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Seen in… April
Seen in… April  From War Games - NORAD wishes it were this cool April was all about American crime stories. Traditionally, Hollywood likes showing bandits with guns as a sort of Robin Hood with a Smith & Wesson (try Smith & Wesson’s “Gun Finder” to find a w...

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Seen in… February and March
Seen in… February and March  You know you're busy when you're too busy to write one sentence reviews of every movie you watched in the last 30 days or so. What happened to my priorities? Never mind all that, I've finally got around to this post by putting o...

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Sing Us a Song
Sing Us a Song  Someone ran Trump through Google's Deep Dream, then I ran it through Barbara Kruger playlist? Okay, that sounded better in my head. What isn’t obvious is when the “current political climate” (also known as the End of Days) makes you see song...

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Don't Lose Your Nerve
Don't Lose Your Nerve  After reading a brief article extolling the practice of reducing stress and increasing productivity by scheduling some quiet time, it occurred to me that I might benefit from some scheduled quiet time. I’m one of the millions of sad p...

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Keep Breathing
Keep Breathing  A post shared by Peter Rogers (@peterrogersesq) on Feb 22, 2017 at 6:27pm PST Upon arriving home from India after an epic 30 hour trip, I took a little nap. What felt like only a few hours later, I found myself standing in a new our office s...

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Before All Hell Breaks Loose
Before All Hell Breaks Loose  The chaos of Carnival is only a memory to me now. In a few hours I will embark on one of the most arduous journeys of my life. The fact that approximately 30 hours of transport in taxis, planes, and trains can be referred to as...

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Pack and Get Dressed
Pack and Get Dressed  I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. Not as well travelled as I’d like to be, but certainly open to it. Clearly I am wrong. I am a withering petal on a dying plant. I can be sheepish and susceptible to suggestions when ...

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Today We Escape
Today We Escape  Frankfurt Airport around 6:00 AM local time. I had been in India less than 5 hours when I vomited. I hadn’t even eaten anything which was probably the problem. You see I left my house in Toronto around 2:30 PM Saturday. By 6:00 AM Sunday th...
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