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The seasons change, but the tree remains: Christopher Thomond has been photographing a single, 200-year-old Lancashire oak throughout 2016
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An Autumn day, the trees dancing along with the wind under a beautiful sky
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Vivian Clark

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A collection of notable articles, videos and blog posts on food, farming and policy from the food journalist and activist.
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Vivian Clark

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6200 years ago, did South Americans wear blue jeans?
The predecessor of the blue jeans wow! #Peru #blue jeans #native Peruvians #textiletechnologies
Not Egypt but Peru? A discovery at an ancient temple site in Peru means that indigo dye was used to color cotton at least 1,800 years before scientists had previously believed it was.
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The eucalyptus harvest
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Vivian Clark

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Can somebody help me? The pomegranate, lost almost all leaves, the tree trunk is sort of green when scratch, in the bottom a new plant is coming, however it's starting to dry too. Temperatures have been high 30°C up to 43°C 
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The tree fall but the branches keep growing vertically.
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Looks like the bonsai ...Nice 
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Fall is the time for Erica
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Vivian Clark

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For the first time drying figs and grapes in two ways
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Vivian Clark

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The word is an epithet and an honorific, and will cling to the back of Hillary Clinton’s smart pantsuits forever.
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Yes... That's the point. I don't have to like her to want her to be President! She can get things done! 
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Vivian Clark

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If everybody could be aware of the importance of forests
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