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Marital Justice
One's gain, Another's pain
One's gain, Another's pain


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MJ Hangout on Air - 07-Jun-2015

Martial Justice Hangout on Air to support victims of gender biased laws / legal systems of India.

===== Agenda =====
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM - Introduction
10:05 AM - 10:15 AM - Discussion on [Case #1]
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM - Presentation
10:30 AM - 10:35 AM - Brief on MJ activities
10:35 AM - 10:45 AM - Discussion on [Case #2]  
10:45 AM - 11:00 AM - Should I discuss my case in a forum like MJ Hangout?

[Floor will be opened for questions. Please post your questions on the Telegram group]


# Please click Yes / No / Maybe to indicate your participation

# Participant and Viewer links will be shared with appropriate members on Telegram 10 minutes before the call

# For those whose cases are being reviewed, please check Google Document for your case if there are any queries from advisers.

#MaritalJustice #HangoutOnAir  
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Every now and then admin members are contacted by others who have security concerns in the group. We see benefit in leveraging the concept of community monitoring. The group's own eyes are useful in ensuring security.

If you have any concerns regarding security or can help the group admins with any inputs please email
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India still lives in the Dark Ages when it comes to awareness on issues like parental abduction and alienation.

This is particularly so in its judicial establishment, which still follows archaic prejudices in this day and age. This has resulted in the creation of an environment that encourages one of the parents (most often the mother) to treat the child as private property, scarring the child for life.
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Call for volunteers

MJ is a volunteer group. It is imperative for the group to appreciate that each of us takes certain responsibilities and take care of them properly for the benefit of the entire group.

Some immediate opportunities for those with:

1. good English - for drafting / reviewing blogs.
2. good grasp of English and some exposure to legal wording - for helping draft legal documents like petitions etc.
3. good communication skills - for Public Relations
4. political contacts - for lobbying
5. basic co-ordination skills - for managing MJ activities like Hangouts, campaigns etc.
6. Open For All - Tweeting / Google+ / Facebook
7. Task force for charity registration.


# Please speak up if you can spare any amount of time for the group. Doesn't matter what knowledge / skill you have. There is a role for you. You can make a contribution. We will enable you in MJ. You will be in teams to share the responsibility and mentor each other.

# You are getting help from the group. Please give something back to the group.
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Marital Justice Hangout on Air to support victims of Gender Biased laws
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MJ Hall of fame - May 2015

SRG and SBK figure in the MJ Hall of Fame for the support they extended to a fellow MJ member.

They took time to show up at a court to support an MJ member who appeared party in person.

SBK gets additional fame points for helping another MJ member deal with a property issue (details withheld).
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Recent changes at Marital Justice

Over the last few weeks members have noticed a set of gradual changes being introduced in MJ. Here we explain what these changes mean and why they are being introduced.

These changes have been introduced after analysing feedback and after discussions with several MJ seniors. Working in a structured manner enables MJ volunteers to share the responsibilities and be more effective.

1. Hangouts for legal advice

Those who are seeking legal advice are being asked to email their queries to Emailed queries are being discussed in the MJ Hangouts.

Following a structured approach enables the queries to be dealt with more effectively. In some cases, it may be possible to club similar queries together and answer them better by bringing in a knowledgeable person on a call.

Also, members have given feedback that the exercise for writing out queries in an email helps the person asking the question identify which questions, amongst the many going through his head, are really relevant.

Members are also being requested to maintain their case history at a single location so advisers can refer to all details when needed.

2. Participation to help MJ work effectively and to make an impact

The efforts of those who volunteer time and effort to MJ to help it function more efficiently and make a difference shall be recognised by ensuring they get a better support from the MJ team.

If you invest your time in MJ, MJ will invest its time in you.
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Those with Indian origin partners should exercise extreme caution when it comes to their child traveling to India. India ranks amongst the top nations that are notorious for being parental child abduction havens.

Prevention is key
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If you are a resident of the UK / EU / Middle East and have been affected by:

** India's gender biased laws [498(a), PWDVA, DVC etc], or
** whose children have been abducted to India by their spouse

please email a summary of your case and the issues you are facing, to:

Marital Justice will get in touch with you and support you in your fight.

#498a #InternationalParentalChildAbduction #DV  
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