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Get into the courage habit.
Get into the courage habit.

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See everyone around 4:45 in the Golden Gate room! 

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Hey peeps, 900+ of you are following me here...and I never post here. But if you're a G+ fan, here's where I do share updates:

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Nope, I don't post here. But 700+ of you have added me. Care to move to where I really do post? It's here:

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People seem to keep finding me via the this Kate Courageous page (which I never post to). I do, however, post here:

Possible topic for our remaining weeks, +Tara Gentile ? I am thinking a lot about how to identify and language pitching myself on a peer-to-peer level. Here's what I mean by that: when it comes to collaborative marketing, I am noticing that sometimes, and with some people, there is a space that gets a little tricky when it comes to reciprocity. I run into people who are happy to query me to have me interview them, host their guest post, etc., but then when I suggest something reciprocal, they aren't interested.

Of course, this is not with everyone, and I get that sometimes the same thing has happened with me--someone interviews me, later they ask if I'll promote their work, I'm either tapped out on energy or time or interest and don't want to do it, yadda yadda yadda.

At the same time, I also think there's a space where I could be doing more to position myself as "the person you want to consult about XYZ" on a more peer-to-peer level. I get a lot of requests from people who don't have a lot of traffic, who want to interview me because they want me to promote the interview and drive traffic to their site. I get fewer of those requests from peers.

How does this tie in to the bigger picture of marketing? When it comes to pitching myself to larger media outlets, magazines, local radio/tv, I also feel a hesitation about how to language things. I don't want to be just another life coach trying to get some press time. I want to clearly communicate that I can share information that is valuable to their readers.

Maybe I'm complicating this and it's just about stating the things we've refined through this course. Am I wrong in thinking that the languaging of a peer-to-peer pitch or offer would be any different than the way you language offers on a sales page?

Planning to do my first "Google hangout" this afternoon with someone who is interviewing me. Time to learn some new technology! Excited to meet you, +AJ Amyx , real-time.

When the flow is open, the flow is OPEN. So much is going on with YCL, the upcoming release of The Coaching Blueprint, signing up new coaching clients, scheduling interviews. My relationship with my man is beautiful, I am surrounded by friends who care. I am full of gratitude!

More than anything, I'm reminded that all of this has been created through a series of many years of making present and targeted choices to do things differently. Choices, one after the other, have grown into a thriving, full life that 5 or 10 years ago, I wouldn't have thought was possible.

Morning gratitude: For this delicious latte, for my health taking a turn for the upswing, for a thriving business, for my man--who washed my car yesterday and made me dinner (swoon!).

What has you grateful, this morning?

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How to Breathe--my guest post for Simpler Life Today on meditation for people who have had trouble with meditation practices.

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New piece on Tiny Buddha: How to forgive (even when you don't really want to) :
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