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A roundup of Hunger Games news for +Asheville.
Hunger Games lands Asheville, NC, in the travel news at CNN (link below) and...

Dallas Morning News: (


Orange County Register:

Boston Herald:

Some of our local faves get much-deserved national props: Malaprop's, Laughing Seed, Pisgah Brewing, The Southern Kitchen and Bar, The Lab, Asheville Brewing, and many more.
The biggest break out star of the "The Hunger Games" may well turn out to be the state of North Carolina.
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Right! Watched the movie last night... it was pretty good, but I was disappointed in the coverage time the waterfalls received. Oh well, as long as it boosts our local economy!
The Asheville Visitor Center has had an influx of people asking about the movie sites. It's a pretty big deal for the spring breakers.
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