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I first saw the OpenSky project at the 2007 World Science Fiction convention in Yokohama. Glad to see they have finally achieved takeoff.

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Hacking TiddlyWiki
Now before you get all uppity, this is hacking in the traditional sense. i.e. making something better. "But what on Earth is a TiddlyWiki?" I hear you ask. Actually, it's kind of hard to describe. Well you've heard of Wikipedia? Imagine a personal version o...

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Keeping your portable data "secure"
I recently attended the Info Security Europe conference held at Olympia, London. It was a huge three-day event (although I only went on the first day) with a number of high profile security, anti-virus and other related companies trade stands. Not only that...

I attended InfoSecEurope on Tuesday. I was rather impressed with the +iStorage bootable USB sticks. So I bought one. However when I tried using YUMI on it, the drive apparently "broke" somehow.
However there was a very swift response from the chaps at iStorage who are sending out an immediate replacement and they want the faulty one back to figure out exactly what went wrong with it.
Now that, Boys and Girls, is exactly how you should be doing Customer Service.

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Are their SSDs as reliable as their memory? Need to find out.

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Keeping Terry Pratchett alive
In Terry Pratchett's novel "Going Postal", anybody who dies in the service of the Clacks is kept alive by their name being transmitted over the wires.  "A man is not dead while his name is still spoken," as one character puts it. There has been a discussion...

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The results of the #dbxhackathon. Was a lot of fun. Can you spot me in the photo? Guess the bald spot is a bit of a giveaway.
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