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Oh Brad Bird, please come back to animation. First it's you doing Mission Impossible, then it's Andrew Stanton doing John Carter of Mars... who will make my Pixar movies awesome!?!

When will Netflix become ubiquitous enough that I can embed it like a YouTube video?

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You sort of forget that Google owns Youtube. Why Facebook doesn't offer a "add youtube video" options from their "add video" experience is kind of crazy. (though attaching a link works just as well, I guess...). Still, being able to search for youtube video to post from the status box is pretty cool.

I will say that Google+ makes it super apparent that Facebook's UI needs a modern refresh. Since when did Google get all fancy and start hiring real designers? ;) (or poaching them from Apple)

So this is basically just Facebook...? With circles... (which is cool and all, but...)
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