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Vanessa Gao
One pint of ice cream is never enough.
One pint of ice cream is never enough.

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A new beginning
spotted on my commute one morning Bonjour à tous! This is probably my last post here, since, as you probably already guessed from the title, the end is coming. The end of my life in France, the end of my internship. The beginning of my sophomore year in Chi...

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Weekend getaway: Provence Take 2
kitties in Arles Bonjour à tous! For the past weekend, I escaped to the South of France again to have some down time with my host family from the summer (who are hands down the best, I mean come on, they made me poulet rôti with sautéed potatoes and buttere...

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Internship 101: tips for newbies
me at an art exhibition opening at Guimet Museum Bonjour à tous! Even though I've only been an intern for six weeks myself, today I've come to pretend that I can offer advice to newbie interns. Okay just kidding, even though six weeks is not long, I've actu...

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3 American foods I took for granted , and 3 French foods I will miss
source Bonjour à tous! The other day I was just having a nutella banana crêpe and suddenly I realized, holy cow, it's going to be quasi-impossible to find this in America after I leave this beautiful country in less than two months! And that thought, my fri...

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Art intern perks: a night of crystal
Bonjour à tous! So last week, my boss casually passed me an invitation - "It's to the private premiere of an exhibition on crystal at Petit Palais," she said, "I can't go that night, so there, if you want it." I honestly could not believe my ears. What! A p...

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100 liters of champagne in my office? That intern life
check it out - 100 liters of champagne that's right Bonjour à tous! I know when you saw the title, you're probably like, what? What kind of internship is that? But you didn't read wrong - indeed, I was quite stunned myself when I opened the office door and ...

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Czech it out: Prague wonderland
my friends and I in Prague Bonjour à tous! (Or should I say Dobry den, which means hello in Czech?) I just came back to Paris from a four-day trip to Prague, Czech Republic, and I'm already missing that beautiful city like crazy. Seriously, I didn't expect ...

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A day away from the city
flower market at Chartres Bonjour à tous!  This past Saturday I took a delightful day trip to the small town of Chartres southwest of Paris, reachable by train in one hour. For those who are tired of the city's hustle, trust me, Chartres is the perfect plac...

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Being Parisian: 5 not-touristy things to do in the City of Lights
wanna see the Eiffel Tower like this? Bonjour à tous! Finally, after almost a month, I feel like I am settled in enough to call myself a Parisian in the making. I'm all moved in, have been cooking on my own, working out regularly, got internet in my room (F...

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Just to let you know I'm still here...
So guys, unlike you might have suspected, I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. I've just been traveling, more or less without Internet. I was first in Istanbul, and then in Paris, Giethoorn, Amsterdam, Ghent, and then back in Paris. I have now sett...
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