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I just finished reading Death At Sea World ( by David Kirby.

As George Orwell observed, we live in times that are too often full of deceit so that when a writer comes along who tells the truth it becomes a revolutionary and subversive act. Kirby tells the truth--orcas should not be kept captive in underwater concrete cells. I urge you to read his courageous book and share your response.

--Gregory Colbert
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Watching an animal who has been filmed in its natural environment is so much more realistic than seeing creatures in captivity. Always heartbreaking, be it somewhere like this, a zoo or circus. Humans are the only species I know of that hurt another for any reason besides survival. We have so much to learn from finned, feathered and four-legged creatures.
I could not read his bood, it would hurt me too much. Even thinking of these animals in captivity hurts! Thank you for your wonderful work that is the pure opposite of this. 
Sea World is against the ocean life, see  The Cove is a 2009 documentary, Sea World is just another corporation that love money, and tortures animals. 
I sometimes think on the high mountain in Tibet rarefied while having breakfast in the kitchen at 5am.
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