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When I was a child, I read a book of Japanese traditional stories and I became interested in tengu legends so, naturally, when I visited Japan I added to the destination list the places closely associated with tengu, and until now I visited two such areas, the Mount Kurama near Kyoto and the Mount Takao in Tokyo.

The tengu place I enjoyed the most was the Yakuōin Yūkiji Temple from Takao, where tengu are worshiped and where you can find a large number of beautiful statues. My favorites are the ones in front of the Izuna Gongen-do Hall, where you can see two kinds of tengu: the one to the right of the photo represents a long-nosed tengu, one with a higher rank and with considerable spiritual power, while on the left side there’s a tengu with a crow beak, one who is still "in training"…
A Japan Photo per Day - Searching for the Tengu, Izuna Gongen-do
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