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Candied fruits and especially candied apples, ringo ame 「りんご飴」 in Japanese, are a very popular treat in Japan, you will always find at least one ringo ame stall at a Japanese festival. Thinking about Japanese festivals, one image that always comes into my mind is with girls dressed in yukata, elegantly holding a ringo ame...
In my opinion, the candy apple is more like an ornamental confectionery, it is quite difficult to eat and I was never one to patiently pierce the hard layer of candy to reach the juicy apple inside, I liked more the smaller candied fruits, like grapes or strawberries. But I have to admit that it looks great and it makes for a very decorative treat…
A Japan Photo per Day - Popular Japanese treats, Ringo Ame
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Very Nice! Looks a lot like the toffee apples we have in Australia :)
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