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From the old times, the Kanda Myojin shrine was a place where people were coming to pray for happiness, health, prosperity and business success.
But the times are changing and today people can go to Kanda Myojin to pray for their… IT systems!
I’m not kidding… (^_^) Probably because of its proximity to the Akihabara Electric Town, the shrine has become a “guardian of IT data".
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Got a pic of one of these IT charms? (I know you bought one...)
Very cool! I got to pray here next time :)
+Paul Dickson You won't believe it, but... I don't have a picture of them... and I haven't bought one either. I arrived at the temple on a beautiful evening, I visited the stand with the charms, but it was such a great light for photos that I went to photograph the shrine and the surroundings and, when I returned, the stall was already closed...
But the next time I'm there, I'll surely buy one (^_^)
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