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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Japanese modern architecture, Iidabashi Station

One of the most interesting contemporary Japanese architects is Makoto Sei Watanabe, who uses mathematical algorithms to create his buildings. A great example of his art is the Iidabashi Station in Tokyo, on the Toei Oedo Line.

On the surface, the station features a tower called “Wing", a structure including the ventilation and the air-conditioning equipment for the entire subway station. It is not only architecturally stunning, but it is made with revolutionary construction materials: to minimize the maintenance effort, the glass used for the Wing is coated with titanium dioxide, which allows for enhanced self-cleansing…
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Daruma Dolls, the story of a name

One of the most popular Japanese good luck charms is the round, papier-m?ché Daruma Doll. Its shape isn’t exactly a doll, because there are no hands or legs and the entire doll actually represents the head.

In fact, the Daruma Doll is a stylized representation of the legendary founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma, according to the legend which says that after 9 years of continuous meditation, sitting in zazen, his hands and legs were atrophied… The name of the dolls, “Daruma", comes from the Japanese version of the Sanskrit word Dharma, which in Buddhism represents the teachings of the Buddha.
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Japanese gardens, Tsubo-niwa

Besides the courtyard ornamental garden, that can be admired from the veranda, some traditional restaurants and wealthy houses are also adorned with small interior gardens. They are called tsubo-niwa, a name that indicates their size, because niwa means “garden” and tsubo is a surface equal to 2 tatami mats, 3.3 square meters.

Since thay are so small, they are designed to be admired entirely from outside, and are usually including a stone lantern, a water basin, a few stepping stones and some green plants…
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Indoors - wow
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Japanese spiritual architecture, Shimonoseki Akama-jingu

It is said that the architecture of the Shimonoseki Akama Shrine gate was selected according to… a dream. The gate is located close to the place where, 830 years ago, took place one of the most important battles in the history of Japan, the battle of Dan-no-ura.

Then, because the Heike (Taira) clan was defeated, the Empress Nii-no-Ama drowned herself, together with her grandson Emperor Antoku, who was still a child. Legend says that the mother of the Emperor, Kenreimon-in (who also tried to kill herself but was saved), dreamed about the two living in Ryūgū-jō, the underwater palace of Ryūjin, the dragon god of the sea from the classical Japanese folktale, Urashima-Tarō. Therefore, the gate of the shrine was built in the architectural style inspired by Ryūgū-jō…
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+Hootaro Setagaya Thank you (^_^)
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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A Japanese Song per Day: Katori Shingo - Shingo Mama no Oha Rock
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i so love this
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Japanese artistic manhole covers, Mito-chan

Mito-chan, the mascot of Mito city, is a cute little girl with thick twin-tails, wearing plum blossoms in her hair and dressed like Mito Kōmon, a character from a famous jidaigeki period drama.

Mito-chan is a quite new mascot (she was presented to the public just about 2 years ago), but she is already famous in her home city of Mito. So, no wonder that she is also present on the city’s artistic manhole covers…
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Wai, so cute! ^^
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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A Japanese Song per Day: BUMP OF CHICKEN - sailing day
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Tango no Sekku Koinobori, Boys Day in Japan

If you travel to Japan during end April and beginning of May, you will surely notice a lot of carp-like streamers made of cloth or paper, waving in the wind. These are koinobori, decorations displayed for Tango no Sekku, the Boys Day, which is celebrated today, on May 5th.

Why the carp? In the Japanese tradition, because the carp swims against the current, it is a symbol for courage and ability to overcome obstacles and difficulties, a symbol for success, perfect qualities for a man…
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+Jaimie N Thank you (^_^)
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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A Japanese Song per Day: AKB48 - Yankee Soul
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Nice, but I like the other one ' majisuka Rock N Roll' and even 'Yankee Rock'. 
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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A Japanese Song per Day: sakanaction - Eureka
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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A Japanese Song per Day: AAA - Sayonara no Mae ni
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Lili Florea (Muza-chan)

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Scenic Beauty, Kyoto Tofuku-ji Southern Zen Garden

Among the few Zen gardens selected as National Site of Scenic Beauty, the garden of Tofuku-ji, Kyoto, was built 76 years ago by a famous designer, Mirei Shigemori.

Actually, Tofuku-ji features a complex of four Zen gardens, with different, both classic and modern styles. The most classic of them is the Southern garden, photographed here, designed to symbolize the Elysian islands.
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+Yoli lp Thank you (^_^)
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During the last 7 years, I visited Japan about a month per year… somehow I feel at home there, as if a part of my soul was always there. It is a place I love and where I feel loved...

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