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Style CAN be achieved in a small space! Check out this high style living room and kitchen that is only 300 square feet!
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#Trendingthursday  #DesignTrend:: #Color Blocking. This #trend first appeared on the runways and now it has transitioned to #home #decor. It's done by using blocks of solid color rather than textures or #patterns. The best part is, it can look beautiful whether you use striking, contrasting colors or subtle, monochromatic versions. We love how it's used on the walls and #window treatments in this #bedroom! #decoratingden #interiordesign #decorating
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We had a fabulous time at Be Beautiful! Pamper Yourself and Your Home for the Holidays!

If you missed this fabulous fashion show and display event, check out our pictures and stay tuned for the next Be Beautiful! event early Spring 2015. #fashion   #decorating   #design   #Interiordesign   #decoratingden   #pamper   #beautiful
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#TrendingThursday is back again with another growing trend- GLAMOUR!

This trend is all about crafting a mood. Think daring and BOLD! #Glamour is all about creating a statement with every aspect of the #design. The perfect place to construct this #drama is the bedroom. This Trending Thursday we will discuss how to have your own personal glamorous retreat within your own #home!
Nothing creates a more memorable design than the addition of luxurious fabrics and linens to your rooms – especially in the #bedroom.   Like people, memorable rooms have their own personalities. 

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and immediately sensed that their room’s design matched their personality perfectly?  

Creating a bedroom that showcases your personality is at the very heart of a successful room design.  Whether romantic, casual, transitional or contemporary, creating the mood you want by selecting the right furnishings, fabrics, lighting and accessories is ultimately the key to any successful decorating project.

 The best way to give your bedroom a bit of a romantic touch is in your selections of fabrics to adorn both your bed, seating and windows. Nothing says romance more than the soft feel of willowy, textured fabrics.  So pamper yourself with some of today’s hottest fabrics and consider using them in creative – even whimsical ways. 

 Bedding ensembles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs – from the uniquely custom designed outline quilted bedspread to simple contemporary duvet covers.  Your bedding should take center stage in your room.  Add multiple pillow shams in several fabric coordinates, decorative pillows in unique sizes and shapes or a coordinating bed skirt to round out your overall look.

 Incorporating a romantically designed window treatment will also add to the overall feeling of your room.  Consider framing your windows with a soft billowy, silky sheer displayed on a decorative rod.

If you are looking to create a glamorous retreat and are tired of running from store to store or don’t even know where to start, give us a call 703.299.0633 for a complimentary consultation today! We offer complete project management from concept to completion and meet with you within the comfort of your own home!

#decoratingden   #interiordesign   #decorating  
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Love these fun fabrics!
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We're downtown today, shooting for the new S. Harris ad. Catch a sneak peek of it!
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Do you love fashion? Than join us on Sunday, September 14th! We will be showcasing over 20 unique women's looks that are perfect for fall formal events, holiday parties and even your special wedding day!

All outfits are provided by LaBella Bridal. Amazing hair will be showcased by Lori Younger Salon and we will also be featuring Arbonne Makeup by Firemountain Massage.
With the busy season upon us it is time to Be Beautiful! INSIDE and OUT! #interiordesign   #decorating   #decoratingden   #fashion   #fashionshow   #holiday   #makeup   #bridal   #massage  
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Come join us for fashion, design, food and fun!

Be Beautiful! Pamper Yourself and Your Home for the Holidays! Event is THIS Sunday, September 14th at the Osprey's at Belmont Bay from 2 to 4 PM.

The event features a fashion show courtesy of LaBella Bridal Boutique, Lori Younger Salon, Firemountain Massage and Patricia Bowles Modeling!

We will also be featuring Taurus DJs, Baked Bliss Cakes and of course Bertin's Decorating Den!

There will be hor d'oeuvres, drink specials, a goody bag and lots of amazing door prizes for all guests!

Early bird registration ends tomorrow, but you can still sign-up or register at the door.
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10 Tips for Working with an Interior #Decorator

Embarking on a relationship with a #designer is an unique and very personal experience. You are opening up your life and dreams to interpretation. Below are helpful tips for making the most of this collaboration.

1) Don't Pigeonhole Your Designer
When working with a designer, it is important not to pigeonhole them based upon prior work or a preconceived notion about what a designer does. 
We work with a variety of clients with many different lifestyles and budgets. No project is too BIG or too small! Furthermore, we are experts at a variety of #styles !
2) Context is Everything
Context is important for two reasons. 

First of all #fabrics , floor coverings, wall coverings, and other fine furnishings are best selected within the context of your home, #lighting and existing furnishings.. This is why we come to you! 
Second, don’t rule out something prior to hearing the reasoning behind the selection. For instance a tufted piece of upholstery may seem very formal to you, but in the right context could be the perfect piece to provide structure and a touch of luxury to a space.
4) Allow Yourself to be Surprised!
One of the best tips we can provide is to allow yourself to be open-minded when working with a designer. 
We are experts in thinking outside the box and utilizing unexpected pieces in a space. We ask you to be open to ideas that we present and hear out our design proposal prior to forming opinions- You may be pleasantly surprised!
5) Sometimes Your Designer Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself
The beginning of our relationship is all about getting to know you, your space and your needs. We specialize in uncovering both our clients’ functional needs and their personal style.  A well-designed room is a representation of the client's personality, not the designer’s!
6) A Good Designer is Versatile
Versatility is what makes our profession interesting! 

We have been professionally trained to work with a variety of styles from time-honored traditional design to inspired, modern cutting edge couture. This constant change of pace is what we love about our industry!

7) A Great Designer Thinks Ahead
Life constantly changes and your spaces should be able to evolve with your life! During the consultation and design process, we work with our clients to find out where they are currently in life (i.e. Do they have children? Pets? Will they be moving?) and how their space, home and life will grow within the following years.
8) Have a Little Patience and Trust Your Designer
Great spaces don’t happen overnight! 
Allow yourself to take the design process a step at a time and have trust that we will bring your vision to life.
9) Learn from Your Designer and They'll Learn from You
We love to educate our clients about home furnishings.  We know things about furniture and fabric construction that will contribute to the success of the project. It is important to us that you understand the quality of our products as well as the reasoning behind our design. When a client builds their knowledge, they are typically better able to vocalize their style preferences. Ultimately, we are pleased to learn from our clients to create truly inspiring spaces!
10) Have Fun!
Above all, it is most important to enjoy your design project! 

We love our profession and our clients, but the best relationships and designs evolve when our clients truly have fun with the design!

#decoratingden   #interiordesign   #decorating  
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September can be tough and it can stay busy through the holidays! So, relax and start thinking about how to Be BEAUTIFUL! Pamper Yourself and Your Home for the Holidays!

Join us Sunday, September 14th for this fabulous fashion show and display event!

Enjoy refreshments, receive a goody bag and start thinking about how you will BE BEAUTIFUL both INISIDE and OUT this holiday season!

This event features local businesses: Labella Bridal & Consignment Boutique, Firemountain Massage, Lori Younger Salon, Taurus DJs, Baked Bliss Cakes Patricia Bowles Modeling and yours truly, Bertin's Decorating Den!

Seating is limited, so don't miss your opportunity to qualify for early bird registration pricing today!
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For this #TrendingThursday, we will showcase how to create an elegant look that is transparent, fresh, open and bright utilizing #Sheers.

There is simply no better way to add exciting #beauty and drama to your windows than with a carefully designed and crafted custom window treatment. One of our favorite types of window treatments are window sheers as they are #luxurious and don’t sacrifice light or privacy.
The extra touches a custom treatment affords you are virtually endless. Detailing, ruffling, banding, cording, trims and the ease of coordinating fabrics, makes custom treatments truly individual and reflective of your style and taste.
What makes a window treatment custom?
 Firstly, a custom window treatment is designed specifically for you, your home and your windows. Do you want your windows to take center stage in a room? Is energy efficiency a consideration? Do you want to showcase your windows with a layered window treatment? Are you wishing to make your small windows look larger? Or wishing to make your large window appear smaller? Are your 2 story windows creating a design challenge? These are just a few of the many challenges a beautifully designed window treatment will help you solve.
Secondly, a custom window treatment is custom crafted. They feature extra fullness for beautifully draping. Corner weights allow the fabric to hang straight, and not flare into the room. Linings used help contribute to the overall energy efficiency, or room darkening capability of the treatment.
So, don’t your windows deserve to be showcased in something truly unique and special to you and your home?  If you love your windows and the light and view they provide, you should consider sheers.
There is simply nothing more beautiful and dramatic than custom designed sheer window treatments.
Call us today for a complimentary consultation 703.299.0633 for window treatments!

#decoratingden   #interiordesign   #decorating   #custom   #windowtreatments  
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