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Three Light Bulb Moments to Illuminate Social Marketing Success, a Practical Coaching Tip by @Brandon Steiger, President & The Big Idea Guy of @Synergema

1. Mutual value is the rule, not the exception.

2. Marketers must have a multitiered posting strategy that emphasizes a consistent cadence with new content and posts

3. Marketers must consider full strategies that include targeted reach, rich media and interactivity, amplification and appropriate social/mobile conversion events.

Read entire article on the BVN blog:

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In today’s evolving business environment, it is clear that leadership is not only about elevating the performance, aptitude and development of people – but more so about the ability to make people feel safe and secure. Employees have grown tired of working in survival mode and thus want to be part of a workplace culture where they can get back to doing their best work without the fear of losing their jobs.

Here are 7 tips you can apply right away to help achieve your leadership desires:

1. Don’t Allow Your Emotions to Get in the Way
2. Don’t Take Things Personally
3. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude
4. Remain Fearless
5. Respond Decisively
6. Take Accountability
7. Act Like You Have Been There Before

#leadership #workplaceleadership

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6 Leadership Blind Spots That Cripple Business Success from business Guru Tony Robbins:

1. The failure to innovate and market during tough times
2. Realizing that YOU - the leader - are the most important sales person on the team
3. Not understanding the people buy identities, not products
4. Failing to anticipate
5. Not understanding the problems are gifts
6. Letting your psychological limitations constrain you

These are choice tips for sure, but what are some others you have come to learn as well?

#leadership #tonyrobbins #businesscoaching

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 Five Bosses You Don't Want (Or Want to Be)

This insightful article from Jack Welch, Executive Chairman at the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University which provides students and organizations with the proven methodologies, immediately actionable practices, and respected credentials needed to win in the most demanding global business environments, shares 5 common ways leaders can get it wrong and too often do.

Original Article:

The first and perhaps most frustrating way that some people blow leadership is by being know-it-alls.

If know-it-alls are too in-your-face, a second kind of lousy leader is too remote.

A third category of lousy leadership is comprised of bosses who are just plain jerks—nasty, bullying, insensitive, or all three.

The next type of lousy leadership is at the other end of the spectrum: It's too nice. These bosses have no edge, no capacity to make hard decisions.

This leads us to a final version of lousy leadership which is not unrelated: bosses who do not have the guts to differentiate.

While we wall struggle with various aspects and characteristics of these leadership deficiencies, maybe now is a good time to step back and reflect on your leadership deficiencies. Can you identify yourself in any of these and if so what are you going to do about it?

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Milestones and opportunities can appear at any time, and you must be present and prepared for them when they do. But if you quit and don't finish fighting for what you are striving then you will never even get a chance for success.

Find out how one BVN member uses this life learning lesson to find motivation deep in the doldrums of business:

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Anything you do, anything at all, can be done artistically. This business success story shares an experience where engagement was the art of the sale.

"I started seeing how my boss, the guy teaching me how to do it, looked at it from an entirely different perspective. He came alive during each conversation, giving absolutely everything he had to keep the prospect engaged."

Read more

#sellingtips @artinselling #coachingtips #businesstips

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Beginning January 1, 2013 the IRS set the new rate for mileage reimbursement to 56.5 cents per mile for business miles driven. This was a 1 cent increase from 2012.

This means that you get a legitimate tax write-off for any and all business miles you drive.

That sounds great, except that the ‘catch’ is that the IRS requires you to track your mileage in a specific format. If you don’t they may disallow your mileage.

There are a ton of good articles via the internet on ‘How To Track Your Mileage’ the traditional way. Here are few links to help you out:

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Technology has been dominating the HR and Talent Management space for the past decade – with more “real serious widespread adoption” happening in the past year. Has it’s application plateaued? Is HR finally taking a more active role in driving user adoption?

Here are 7 hot trends in HR technology today

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As a CEO the best way to create a more human company in the eyes of customers is to reveal your own humanity. And it’s never been so easy since your customers moved en masse to social media platforms.

Here are some excellent tips for getting yourself going in this direction:

What other ideas might you have?

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Ever find your foot in your mouth at the office? Here is a list of 17 things you should make a point to avoid saying to your staff members. How often do you catch yourself saying something like you see here? What are some others things you might want to avoid saying? #leadership #management #office_tips
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