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Sean Ashby
Aikido, judo, jodo & philosophizing
Aikido, judo, jodo & philosophizing

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Ukemi: The new cardio craze!
Okay, ukemi isn't really a new cardio craze—but why not? I remember when I first started aikido years ago, just prior to my 20th birthday. I was a good 20 or 30 pounds overweight (I'd been that way since hitting puberty), and made no other lifestyle changes...

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Me, You, Us
Based on my own training over the years as well as observing the training of other students, it seems like there is sort of a three-step progression that occurs. What I Am Doing? When we first start out, our focus is mainly on our own bodies. We learn what ...

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A little punch drunk
Sooo, some of you may have seen the recent fight between Ronda Rousey and Alexis Davis.  If you haven't, you can watch it in it's entirely below. Don't worry—it will only take 16 seconds. In the judo world, Ms. Rousey has served as something of an evangelis...

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Aikido's greatest hits
So the subject of atemi came up recently. Atemi, of course, refers to striking, punching, smacking, bitch-slapping, whatever. Ignoring for a moment the first five techniques of randori no kata / junana hon kata, we're talking about moments in other techniqu...

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Making sense of Owaza Jupon
The kata Owaza Jupon has always been a unique one in my mind. It feels sort of out of place, thrown in there between junana hon kata and all the koryu kata as an afterthought. I'm sure I'm not the first one to wonder why exactly. And from what I can gather,...
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