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Back to basics
I;ve been undertaking a lot of introspection lately and revisiting where it all began for me and photography. At times the acquisition of new gear and the pursuit of new styles, techniques and attempts to specialize can distance you from your true, creative...

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Changes....complete, or almost.
It's done! My newly created, newly redesigned website is live and hosted by; no more trying to make do with a GoDaddy website. The differences in building a website with each host is like night and day. While I alsways struggled to make things look ...

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Launched my brand new website today and finally got away from GoDaddy as the host.

It's getting closer!

In the next few days I will be going live with a brand new website, on a new hosting platform. All that is left is to caption the photos in the galleries and then link my current domain name to it. That and actually click the publish button

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Change, change, change
I can never make my mind up as to whether change is a good or bad thing. This is not helped any by there seeming to be so many (albeit small) changes I've needed to address lately. Chief among them is that I have recently overhauled my image editing process...

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Traveling more
While 2016 has been a year of change for most people, for me it has provided me the opportunities to travel more. Regular readers will already know of my recent vehicle change to a Ford F150, which with our 16ft travel trailer, has provided a home base for ...

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Some things change; other things stay the same
There have been a lot of changes (and some not so much) since my last blog post; however long ago it was. First and foremost (as it's the largest change in size) I traded in my Subaru for a Ford F150 pick-up truck.  This is primarily to provide us with a de...

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Visit to Robber's Cave State Park
I recently started what could be a long running project, visiting and photographing National Parks and State Parks; starting off in Oklahoma, my “home” state. Not the I have visited many yet, in fact, this recent trip to Robber’s Cave was my inaugural trip....

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For the last 5+ hours I have been locked out of making any changes to my AppleID. So glad my account wasn't hacked or my details/CC info would be long gone and I'd not be able to do a damn thing about it!!

Just wondering how long they're going to keep me locked out of my own account. Talk about bad working practices.

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Still going!
After taking some time off from photography I want to reassure all of my readers that I am still alive and well. It's a new year and I am starting to put together some plans for photo projects, primarily for panoramic and HDR (and maybe panoramic HDR's) lan...
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