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Be More Dog #IMMOOC
As of yet, I am completely inept at foretelling the future. However, I plan out my day, my work, my vacations, and even the grocery shopping with an almost absolute certainty. I am often well-prepared, calm, and equipped for the tasks before me. Except when...

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+Jennifer Casa-Todd Do you have anyone on your campus that might be interested?
Oh Canada!!!!!! I'm looking for a Canadian classroom to Skype/Hangout with hopefully late next week or the week following. I have a group of 11 7th grade students that are studying the regions of US and Canada. We're focusing heavily on the US this week, but we'll hopefully get after the regions of Canada next week. My students have never had a "techy" teacher like myself so they are excited about this possibility. We have class 9:00-9:40am central time. We are in north central Missouri (US), so it may be beneficial just to talk to another class about their culture. Anything goes really! I'm super pumped to try this just as much as my kids are if we can find someone. If you're interested please let me know!!! Thanks everyone!

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+Angela Burson +Hilary Miller Check this out... You might have someone interested...
Magnificent Monarchs Virtual Field Trips

Brought to you by +Learn Around the World's GEOshow

Event times and registration information below:
GEOshow - Sept.26 @ 1:00 PM EST
GEOshow Jr. - Sept.27 @ 12:00 PM EST
GEOshow - Sept.28 @ 11:30 AM EST
GEOshow Jr. - Sept.29 @ 1:30 PM EST
GEOshow - Sept.30 @ 11:00 AM EST

1) GEOshow = 5-8 grades
2) GEOshow Jr. = K-4 grades
3) You may register for any show, however you will only be eligible for on camera spots if you meet the above requirements. #edtech #edchat #virtualfieldtrips

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COMPILE: Make a Difference!
spring COMPILE was filled with communication, creativity, collaboration and
critical thinking. From starting out on a Goose Chase for
random objects with an unknown team to random content and grade levels to
explore through making, all of our participan...

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Great news....we are set to have our first CSFirst teacher training event on May 19th at Google ATX.

Please share this information with middle and upper elementary school teachers, after school educators, principals, counselors, or others who may be interested in starting a club.  They can sign up here:

If anyone has questions, you can connect directly with me!!

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Love this, Amy! I especially like the idea of announcements from GHO!
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