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Awesome resources for kids activities on +The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide! #completeSAHM  
HUGE Collection of Simple-to-Prep Activities for Kids

We are talking hundreds of activities for #infants   #toddlers   #preschool  including #montessori  activities and #freeprintables  !!

Whether you #homeschool , supplement at home, want something to fill your time with your child at home, or want to prep some fun activities to do with the kids this Summer, we have you covered.

Great resource list from bloggers and moms such as +MaryAnne K. +Lena Gott +The Measured Mom +Tarana Khan +Jamie Reimer  and MORE.

#kidsactivities   #kbn   #sahm   #completeSAHM  

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I'm honoured to be part of this amazing initiative by +Jaimi Erickson. Check out some awesome posts and a giveaway too!
We have launched the Complete Guide for SAHMs!

Here is an introduction to the topics we will be sharing over the next 3 weeks with articles from SAHM bloggers like +Katelyn Fagan , +Heather Creekmore , +Jennifer Renee , +Blessed Mama , +Tarana Khan , +Laura Barajas , +Lauren Gaines , +Kori Tomelden , +Melissa Lilly , +Melissa Matters , +Kimberly Huff , +Sybil Brun , +Leah Hudson , +Katrina L , +Lauren Tamm, +Lena Gott , +Fun With A Message , +Ashlee K , +Alison Wood , +MaryEllen Bream , +Amber Kuiper , and MORE! 

(Oh, and we have giveaways too...18 winners will be chosen! YOU can enter right now.)

Read more:

#completeSAHM   #stayathomemom   #blogging  

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Great tips on setting the right title tag for your posts.

Via +Chuck Aikens​

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Great list of farm activities for kids from +Kids Activities Blog​!
50+ Fun Farm Crafts & Activities

Preschoolers and toddlers love farm animals and will have so much fun with these fun farm crafts!

#farmcraftsforkids #kidsactivities #preschool #farmtheme #parenting #playideas #kidscrafts #kbn

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Yes, we need more 'Thank you's in this world.
Make it a #habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.

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These are the posts which were most read last month. Have you seen them?

1. Five tips for being a calmer parent
Ways in which you can control the urge to yell, and respond more calmly as a parent.

2. Six kindness acts for toddlers
Acts of kindness that can teach toddlers about compassion.

3. Tips for breastfeeding a newborn
Five pieces of advice to help new moms with the challenge of breastfeeding.

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Do you like to collect recyclables to use for a craft project 'at some point'? Then, I've got a cool idea for you!

We used a small egg box to make this fun DIY toy - an Alligator Puppet. It's great for kids who like animals, and very simple to make.

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#recycledcrafts #craftsforkids #toddlercrafts #thingstodowithkids

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Very true!

Via +I Love My Family​

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Do you really want to be a Supermom?
As a mother, do you feel social pressure weighing heavily on you? The pressure to look great, and get everything perfectly done while raising angelic children? You know very well how far it is from the truth. Kids can be challenging to raise, and maintaining your body post-partum can be an uphill task.

Join me in rebelling against all expectations of being a Supermom and just being our average, normal selves. I'm even sharing some ideas on getting started!

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#parenting #motherhood

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