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Planting the seeds of intelligence
Planting the seeds of intelligence

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IntelliSeeds Learning Tips for Parenting: Always communicate with your child by listening them, encourage them to speak up, expand conversation, and give your child a chance to tell his/her story. Oral storytelling supports children's learning and development. It gives children an opportunity to use their imagination, communicate effectively, increase social awareness, and build community.

IntelliSeeds Learning Tips for Character Development: If you wish your child to be a responsible one, then start entrusting him/her with one responsibility (like managing his/her school bag on her own or periodically cleaning their study table) till that becomes a habit.

IntelliSeeds Learning Tips for Summer Vacation: Many family games and puzzles are not only fun, but help children to develop and reinforce skill such as mathematics, analysis and logical thinking. Encourage them to play age appropriate games with other family members and friends.

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A child in Grade K enjoying Math at an IntelliSeeds center

IntelliSeeds Learning Tips for Critical Thinking: Getting comfortable with the stress and anxiety is important for further developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. Have children get comfortable with the stress and anxiety that comes with taking on challenging activities or setting high goals. Support their persistence by focusing on improvement rather than perfection.

IntelliSeeds Learning Tips for Character Development: When your child asks something and you do not know the right answer, there's nothing wrong in admitting that you are not sure of the answer. However be sure to find the right answer and tell it to your child. This teaches the child that no one is perfect but it is the efforts that take you closer to perfection.

Has your child ever set goals for the summer vacations? If not, we will encourage you to give it a try this summer. Motivate him/her to write a short sentence describing his/her goal. Putting goals in writing and hanging them in a prominent place such as refrigerator, can help remind you and your child to stay focused.

And don't forget to add one IntelliSeeds worksheet a day to your list of goals. This investment of 5 min a day will go long way in enriching your child's life :)
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