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Google Developer Group - Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering , New Delhi
Google Developer Group - Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering , New Delhi

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GDG BVP is organising a tech day with following events:
Android session - 10am to 11:45am
Cloud computing session - 12 to 1pm
Design sprint - 1pm to 3pm
Hakathon - 3pm to 5pm
For participating fill up the form given below

Android Session:
GDG BVP presents android session to enhance the skill of all aspiring and upcoming developers. Students will be trained to develop an app. This session will cover brief overview of the previous android session followed by some other necessities of android application development mentioned below :
One - on -one interactive application development
A. Threads
B. Linking activities
C. Maintaining manifesto file
D. Using drawables
E. Hardware access & driver access (introduction)

Cloud computing Session:
GDG BVP presents a lecture on CLoud computing by a guest speaker Mr Anshul from an organisation named OSAHUB. Mr Anshul is presently working as a the chief technical architect of OSAHUB and is a member of Google Developers Group.

Design sprint..

People are broken down into groups, and every team is given a persona. Post it notes are distributed to all the attendees. They are encouraged to jot down all their ideas individually, however crazy, on an individual post it.The teams then discuss their ideas with their teammates . The teams choose their one idea that they’d like to work on.
The teams prepare prototypes (typically without any coding) to demonstrate their ideas which are presented to all the attendees.

Hackathon :
Students (in group of max 3 ) will have to build an android app under the guidance of developers of our team . The problem statement of the app will be provided by a developers group at the time of competition . Students with best app will pe provided goodies ..

Organisation named OSAHUB will be offering paid internships after testing the skills of students.

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Bvest + after party + meeting
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Preprations for GDG Events
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codejam 2014
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I/O extended..
It was fun attending I/O extended organised by GDG NEW DELHI at INVESTOPAD. Thank you GDG New Delhi for organizing this event and providing all developers a platform to interact and enhance their skills along with live streaming of I/O. Congratulations to Dr Sunil K Singh(Mentor), Shrey Malhotra, Anubha Balani, Sakshi Dewan, Anmol Ahuja, Vikram Tiwari, Nishant Srivastava and all other members of GDG New Delhi for the success of this event. A special thanks to all the attendees for making full use of this opportunity and participating actively in all the activities during the event. Lastly, thank you GDG BVP for providing me a chance to collect such wonderful memories.
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I/O extended GDG New Delhi
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Google Quiz
Added photos to Google Developer Quiz.

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Join GDGBVP in this event.. :)
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Power Search with Google
Great Event GDG BVP... great team work... Thanks to our mentor Dr Sunil Kr Singh for giving us this opportunity.. Special thanks to Core Team of GDG BVP for their immense hard work to realize this event.. Congratulations to presenters.. Most Importantly Thanks to students of BVP for joining us and being such a supportive audience... :)

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GDG BVP Orientation
+GDG BVP Orientation ! A successful event ! 
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