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Paz Megias-Cooke
wife, crunchy mother and human being.
wife, crunchy mother and human being.


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history and story are spelled the same in Spanish hahaha they know "what's up" ;)

The root of the word humble means "earth" or "ground." To be humble, then, is to be grounded.

As you stand over the ground, the ground "stands under" you. Likewise, as you practice humility, you become more understanding of others.

Perhaps the greatest power of humility is that it empowers you to grow. When you're humble enough to admit your ignorance (without berating yourself), you create space for learning and growth.

Always remember that embracing humility is empowering, not humiliating. Humiliation is when humility is forced on you. When you're already humble, you can't be humiliated

best way to discredit any "serious" or "professional" affair ? To have poor and/or funny grammar, specially when you are trying to prove you can be "bilingual" lmfao...that's why toddlers don't write signs meant for thousands of people. .
way to go trying to reach Spanish speakers!
*im being sarcastic....

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because breast IS the best!
and the bonding and development that comes from this closeness to mom for the first 3 years at least, is something that NOTHING can replace. And a big applause for the enduring unselfish mothers that no matter how hard it is, they keep it going, specially all the SNS moms!!! 
help the world to be a better place, 
and breastfeed your babies!

eventually one day all the lies come out, one day you figure out who is real and who is just filled with shit, and that day you can wash your hands and get rid of that caca in your life ;) #cleaning   #offyougocaca   #truthfulalways  

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the stupidity of some people will never stop to amaze me. lets quote one of the morons in question: "the way someone's body functions has nothing to do with whether the individual intellectually or visually or in any way "recognizes" an ingredient." HAHAHA ROFFL no wonder why you and your family are OBESE!
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