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Am I fat enough to be body positive yet? Am I?!
(Yea, I swore I wasn't blogging anymore... But I lied, so shoot me.) Body positivity. Loving the skin you’re in. It’s a really
hot topic and has been for some time. Everyone deserves and is entitled to
loving who they are and embracing their physical selves...

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This doesn't mean I'm back
It’s been a year and a half since I’ve written anything like
this. Looking back on these posts, I feel as if I am approaching blogging as a
completely different person. I guess in a way I am. I have reached what I
believe is recovery. I live a full life. I’...

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Word Vomit (AKA The Update)
Wow, OK. So. It's been since my birthday. I haven't had a bit of time to even sit down and think about blogging let alone do it! Usually when an update is due I think about it, and then I never get around to actually sitting down until everything has piled ...

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Workshop
Wow, so, I did it. I spoke. I told my story. I almost passed out a couple of times, and I am pretty sure I looked as if I was about to collapse, but I did it. And it wasn't just me. Two very brave, very amazing individuals gave their first hand accounts as ...

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So... Today's the day
You would think on one's birthday one would take the chance to sleep in, be a lazy excuse for a human being, and take the time (that one can) to relax. Yeah, totally not my style. In truth, I have been up for the majority of the night. I'm a bundle of nerve...

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And Then it was February
Wow. Hi guys. I've been a really bad blogger lately, haven't I? Oh well, that sucks I guess. It's not that I don't have much to say, it's that I don't have time to say it! Since the 15th I have been FLAT OUT experiencing new things, really sinking my teeth ...

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Hey Y'all. First off, I'm not going to apologize for my use of the word "y'all". Second, I promised you there was some news I have neglected to tell you. My last post was just so G.D long I couldn't put you through another marathon reading of other happenin...

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Hello January
I would just like to start the first post of the new year by saying that I am so NOT sorry about being absent for the past few weeks. It's been busy. It was the holidays. I have been busting my ass (am having an awesome time doing so) and have been very bus...

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It's That Time of Year Again
Yeah, I know, I disappeared again. My bad. It's been an interesting few weeks filled with a lot of challenging moments. When I get tired mentally, I find it hard to blog. Seeing as the Holidays (Christmas for myself) are creeping closer, I figured it's high...

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You are recovered
I heard those words today. "Heather, I think you and I both know that you are recovered". I never really thought of it this way until now. I never really thought that one could be recovered but still in recovery. In a sense, what I believe is meant here is ...
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